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Worship vs Reverence of God and Prayer


Worship by definition: The feeling or expression of adoration for a deity. To honor or idolize with religious rites. To praise (someone) excessively or obsequiously.

To worship: How does a person feel when he/she worships? It is difficult to explain. It is very personal. It is mostly about feelings, about gratitude and about love. Some in anguish for the lack of fulfillment. In some instances with the demand of sacrifices.

God did not put us here in this universe to worship him. Worshiping is like adding bribery on top of respect to get an extra bonus. We are not here to pray to Him and ask for help (handout) or miracles, or help solve our problems. We exists with all of God’s creations, we interact and when we do; good and/or bad happen, accidents happen, diseases occur, prosperity is generated, and also there are tragedies. We are inadvertently responsible for everything that happens to us. You may call it an “accident” or an “unforeseen” event, nevertheless your presence there was part of your decision making.

On a universal scale, we (the human race) are responsible for all our decisions. As we progress (mind, body and spirit) and with the help of technology, cosmic tragedies can be averted.

We are here to learn, prosper and utilize what is made available for us to use. We do these with reverence. We are here to respect and love one another, to share this love, to help each other, to be balanced and to be enlightened. We love, thank and revere God for everything around us. Thank God by helping others and making this universe a better place.


Reverence by definition: The deep respect for someone or something. To hold someone in a very high regard almost in fear of retribution.

To revere: How does a person feel when he/she reveres? A person behaves. He/She is in awe in an almost imposed poise of respect for the revered. A person does not want to offend the revered.


It is not just about asking, prayer is also about thanking, about being grateful. Prayer is about communication which helps build relationships. Prayer can be a part in the act of worshiping or revering. Prayer is a simple and honest wish or request for help, for mercy or an expression of gratitude or greeting. Prayer can help pave the path to redemption and prosperity. Pray a little everyday. Make it your “visiting moment”. Say hello to your long lost loved ones. Have a nice meaningful conversation.

What prompts a person to pray? A time of need usually prompts a person to pray. But there are many other reasons why people pray. Most are self-centered. A silent prayer is the best way to communicate and have a moment of conversation with God and with his helpers who can help you.

Praying builds and strengthens the link between you and the spirit world. The more you pray, the stronger the connection. The spirit world does not need a “voice”. It can hear your thoughts “loudly”. It is best not to show off to people that you “know” how to pray. Praying loudly in front of people you do not know can lead to vanity. Vanity is empty. Vanity will always remain as the favorite “sin” of the devil. It is easy to fall for Vanity. It is more difficult to be humble. Humility is acceptance. Humility is “quiet pride”. Prayer it is between the individual and God, his helper or someone in the spirit world. Once humility takes on a “voice” it leans towards vanity.

  • Pray not to ask God for forgiveness,,, God already forgave you.
    • Apology is important in life. Learn to apologize sincerely. Ask those who you offended for forgiveness and learn to forgive those who offended you. Forgive yourself, then after your atonement do not dwell in guilt, “Move on”.
    • Why does a person ask for forgiveness anyway? He must have done something grave and hurtful to others or possibly failed to act, that now he personally feels the obligation to ask for forgiveness. Did he deprive God? No! He deprived the living. Yes, prudently ask God for forgiveness but do not stop there. There must be atonement or reparation for the behavior. If none of the people are alive for you to approach and ask for forgiveness, then be accountable for your actions through kindness. Kindness towards others, animals, and the environment. That’s how you ask for forgiveness from God. Be accountable. Do reparations via kindness.
  • Pray not to just say “thank you” to God….. It is exemplary to be grateful but God does not need your gratitude. He wants you to share your goodwill or your prosperity.
    • Thank those who where there for you when you needed them. Be kind.
  • Pray not to ask God for strength… God already gave you strength, you just need to learn how to use it.
    • God gave you the strength, so when you are down, pick yourself up, give it another try. Believe in yourself, believe that you can succeed.
    • Ask for guidance from your loved ones. The love that binds you will give you strength.
    • Respect humanity and all that is around you. Do not expect respect, give it. Respect builds strength.
  • Pray not to ask for prosperity….Anything and everything that you want or could possibly want has already been provided and presented to you or laid out for you by God. You have to make your move to help yourself.
  • A simple statement loudly or quietly of “Oh, God, help me!” made with humility and conviction to change for the better can and may work miracles. When you have concluded that you are not living the life that you want and you want to change, don’t just wish for a change. You need to find that change, pray and fight for that change. Fight to find that better version of yourself. Fight with everything that you can muster. Fight with every ounce of energy that you have. Don’t be shy, pray and ask for help, pray to your long lost loved ones. Death did not curtail your love. Communicate with him/her through prayer. He/She is there, always willing and able to help you. Communicate and reach out. Keep the bond alive, this allows them to protect you and be your guardian. Help is everywhere. Reach out.
  • Pray not to ask for security…..God provided us with the strength to secure ourselves.  Do not give-in to bullies or those who want to maliciously deprive human rights.
    • Security paves the way to prosperity. God gave you the ability to build the security for yourself and for those who you love.
  • Pray not to ask for peace….. Since the beginning we have been taught to pray for peace. We have done this for thousands of years with no success. The ability to attain peace is in the hands of humanity. We created the chaos, we can correct it.
  • Pray for clarity so you can see his guidance.
  • Pray to stay calm and be with GOD.
    • God is always with you. Calmness will allow you to experience God. Calmness leads to tranquility and clarity. Calmness leads to true balance and happiness.

A Note to put things into perspective: You give help to someone and he keeps coming back to ask for more help but he does not help himself or others. Will you continue to shower this person with help and kindness or would you rather extend your help to those who are truly in need and are grateful to receive the help? The same is true with God and his helpers.

Last Updated on October 27, 2021

Last Updated on October 27, 2021

The greatest advise came from Jesus Christ: “Love one another as I have loved you.” This is easier said than done. Most people do not even understand what the “love” is, that Christ was talking about.

Here is an acronym CORU, that may help: Care, Openness, Respect, and Understanding.

These four words can help simplify Christ’s advise and guide the individual towards loving someone and be one of the stewards of the universe.

  • Care: If you care for something, someone, an idea or anything, you pay serious attention or consideration to doing, working or relating with it correctly to avoid hurting the individual, damaging the object, or putting it at risk. If you care, you are kinder.
  • Openness: You avoid cheating or lying, you avoid secrecy or concealment. Do not make the assumption that your opinion is not valid. Voice it out with respect. Your are being straight forward or frank. Listen to both sides of the story before you conclude. Communicate with an open attitude and never take the other person for granted. A smile on your face makes it easier for others to open up.The book of wisdom: Job 13:5 has been taken out of context: “Oh, that you would altogether be silent! This for you would be wisdom.”Silence (tranquility) is a great way to communicate with God. However, we are humans. Our senses must be invigorated with words, touch or gesture. Open up.
  • Respect: GIVE RESPECT. DO NOT EXPECT RESPECT. “Respect is to be earned, only if lost once given.” If everybody is expecting respect, how can there be respect for one another? On the other hand, if everybody gives respect, there will be no need to expect it. The only time that respect needs to be earned is when the respect that was kindly given was disrespectfully lost. Anything done without respect is done either for the money, for a reward, as an obligation, out of tolerance, was told to, was forced to, was coerced to, or for vanity.
  • Understanding: To have compassion, patience, and sensitivity, for the action or words of the other person. To listen and comprehend. To be prudent before reacting. Sometimes the person you care for may have made a mistake per your perception, but before you react or conclude try to understand the reason for her/his actions. That is why openness is important.

CORU must be tempered with attitude. Attitude is developed from childhood. Your past, your perception of your surroundings and events contributes to the development of your attitude. Attitude becomes embedded in our personality. People tell you to develop a positive attitude. “Don’t be negative” is what everybody hears when an opinion is contradictory. It is good to think about a positive attitude but it is not easy to do. So it is best to develop and “open” attitude. Start the day with kindness to yourself and others. Kindness to others can be in the simplest way of showing respect for the opinions of others or by talking in a softer tone of voice and not condescending. Allow others to express themselves without intimidation.

Learn to walk away from disagreements even from bullies. But if a bully insists to be abusive (verbal, writing, gesture, or physical) and you are more than capable, then by all means give the bully an attitude adjustment.

Practice CORU to be able to love and ultimately be HAPPY.

Last Updated on October 27, 2021

Last Updated on October 27, 2021

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