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World Order

World Order is controlled by the most powerful nation or entity.

Economic growth is dictated by the law of “supply and demand” but its heartbeat is controlled by the powerful. Power is sustained by a prosperous economy and maintained through a strong security.

The strongest nation can only sustain its power through SECURITY.

Anybody can EARN. But to maintain what you have earned you need security otherwise a thief can come and take it all away.

Some past powerful empires fell through military conquest (security not strong enough) others fell because it crumbled from within. Countries crumble from within because they have allowed foreigners, refugees, or asylum seekers to come in without pledging allegiance. They bled the country or empire to death. This vicious cycle will continue whenever leaders take SECURITY for granted.

Generations of wealth of KNOWLEDGE in technology, arts and science is lost when world order changes. The victor always re-writes history. Never for the good of humanity but only for the good of the winner.

Last Updated on April 18, 2022

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