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We try to act as God

Characteristics & Behaviors

Here are some questions that you may want to consider before you ramble about God and his relationship with humanity.

  • Rely: To depend on with full trust or confidence. ↔ Who relies on others for his own welfare?
  • Depend: Be controlled or determined by. ↔ Who is dependent on others for his own grandeur?
  • Need: Require (something) because it is essential or very important. Expressing necessity or obligation. ↔ Who needs the care and attention of others for his own glory?
  • Consent: To give permission for something to happen. ↔ Who is in need of approval?
  • Accept: To believe or come to recognize (an opinion, explanation, etc.) as valid or correct. ↔ Who reaches out for acceptance and avoid condemnation?
  • Obey: To comply with the command, direction, or request of (a person or a law); submit to the authority of. To behave in accordance with (a general principle, natural law, etc.). ↔ Who mandates obedience from his followers?
  • Fear: To be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be able to deprive anything or everything. ↔ Who imposes fear among the followers?
  • Loyalty: A strong feeling of support or allegiance. ↔ Who requires the undying loyalty of anyone?
  • Worship: To show reverence and adoration with veneration. ↔ Who requires adoration and veneration?

The answer to the above questions is MAN.

These are all sought after behaviors and characteristics of humans. Qualities that a man would love others to bestow upon him. These are the inherent quality of a being who does not have unlimited power, who is not fully connected, a being with a VOID that needs to be filled. Surely these are not the qualities of an OMNIPOTENT being.

    • God did not create the universe because he felt “wanting”. He created the universe because he wanted to SHARE the love. He created the universe and made it our GUIDE. He gave us no commandments. He gave us resources. He gave us hints or guidance (some call this revelation). He wanted to share his FreeWill. He lovingly gave us the ability to CHOOSE. He gave it to us kindly, with only one string attached; Accountability.
    • God does not “test” us. He does not make us go through a gauntlet to attain reward. He did not dictate to us as to how we should live or what lifestyle to follow. God is never jealous. He gave us the power to choose. There is no jealousy, there is only accountability.
      • Only men will test another man’s loyalty by making him sacrifice his life or the life of his loved one.
    • God does not go out of his way to destroy humanity just because he felt jilted, disobeyed, betrayed or cheated. This is the behavior of corporeal beings and not God. For sure, God will hold us accountable for our behavior but not in this human way of “justice or accountability”.
      • Only men will attribute natural disaster as the will of God to destroy what has been built or achieved by men.
        • You have heard stories about how vile this world has become and that God decided to spare a few “righteous” ones and proceeded to destroy the rest of humanity including the innocent children.
      • Only men will disregard the goodness and innocence of youth and destroy a civilization and call it the will of God.
        • You have heard of ancient stories where God supposedly couldn’t find any righteous men and then proceeded to destroy the city and all living creatures in it. Including INNOCENT children.
      • Only men will call it the will and the command of God to make themselves as the “chosen ones”, then proceed to take over a city, and kill everything in it including innocent children.
    • God does not create fear of deprivation. Anything and everything that we need or would ever want has already been presented to us. Our failure to partake in this gift creates the fear and anxiety in us. However, men impose fear and threats on others to keep them in line.
    • God does not rely on us for his satisfaction and welfare. God does not depend on us for anything. Surely, God does not need or crave our attention. He does not make us sacrifice the life of our loved ones (another human) just to prove our loyalty to him. God does not require a covenant for our loyalty, it is our choice. God does not need acceptance from us or our consent. He is who he is. Most of all he does not mandate our obedience.
    • God did not put us here in this universe to worship and adore him. Worshiping is like adding bribery on top of respect to get an extra bonus.

There are powerful beings who have cycled themselves over (reincarnated)and have accumulated a wealth of instinctive knowledge and have learned to be more masterful at using their mind (ki chi qi). They can either help or deprive. Those that deprive gather followers and act as gods.

God is not about the eternal damnation or punishment in hell, and neither is he about the eternal reward of heaven. He is about accountability in terms of privileges. God is about serenity and love and the everlasting opportunity to belong and be “more”. God simply wants us to live our eternal life (corporeal and spiritual), to respect, to share, to love, to prosper and to be happy.”

Last Updated on September 10, 2021

God gave us two of his greatest gifts: LOVE and FREEWILL

Not everything is about freewill or choices. However, your prosperity and the glory of your soul definitely rides on the freedom of choice, unlike your physical being, mental capacity, talent, and genetics which are embedded in you at conception. Do not pretend to be as God and judge the choices or lifestyles that people have. Not all behaviors and characteristics of humans are derived from choices.

Go ahead and judge if you have all the facts but never be judgmental. Do not conveniently say that you do not hate just because you have already condemned them. Your condemnation of others is biased and prejudicial and does not exercise prudence if it’s simply based on the teachings and on what you have learned from books infused with the “behaviors and characteristics” mentioned above. Instead, celebrate humanity and be grateful for who you are.

It is good to be grateful for all that God has given us. GRATITUDE is one of the greatest virtues. Does God hold all that he has given us, as ransom? NO. God does not expect reciprocation. He does not demand. He does not want us to fear him. He shares his love and we should do the same by being GRATEFUL and reciprocate his kindness. We can be Nice, Kind and Loving to others and make this universe a better place to live in.

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Last Updated on September 10, 2021

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