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Humans and Evolution


We are the spiritual creatures of GOD and given this corporeal body to understand the fragility of the heart. We feel! Our feelings are embodied in our thoughts, words, and deeds. We are here on Earth and in this universe to spread LOVE. As a child we seek love, because that is all that we have when we are born. From the very beginning we are magnetized towards love. We want to belong to love. The need to belong is strong. We yearn to connect.

  • We are born with the greatest gift from GOD, that is the gift of Love. Love is non-corporeal. He also gave us another gift, the instinct for survival, the instinct to belong, a conscience and the freedom of choice. We use this instinct so we can survive, learn, persevere, prosper, be healthy, be strong, have ambitions and be on a quest. This survival and belonging instinct came with the intrinsic essence of fear. The fear of loss or failure, the fear of being alone, of being hurt or of dying. All these combined with a conscience that guides us to what is prudent to act upon. A conscience that instinctively nudges us when we are about to do something wrong or right.
  • The need to belong is a catalyst that can’t be ignored. This is inherent in every human being. Temper your need to belong or to connect with LOVE. Love does not just apply towards others, it applies to yourself as the individual.
    • This need to belong or the need to be connected with others is a catalyst for the good and for the bad. Use your gift of choice from God wisely.
    • Our instinct to belong, to feel connected, to yearn, to love and to share this love is the essence of our humanity. This is the impetus for our quest, for our journey in life, our journey towards enlightenment.
    • The need to belong is always tempered with the feeling of primal connection.
  • The feeling of deprivation is the first negative feeling a human experiences. When a baby is removed from its mother’s womb, its first instinct is to cry (feeling of loss and pain). This cry also brings in the breath of life. We have just experienced our first conundrum.
  • Birth brings forth life and joy. The instinct of every parent is to love and care for the young. The instinct goes beyond love and care. The need to protect the young is undeniable. The need to nurture, protect, and teach is deep.
  • We are UNIQUE. At a given point in time each person in this world is the youngest living person on earth. It becomes your task to learn and improve upon what the older generation have laid out for you. You learn as much as you can, share as much as you can, and love as much as you can and be as happy as you can, because there will be a time when you may be oldest living person on earth. Then you ask yourself; did I enjoy life? Did I share my love and make it known to the people I love? What fond memories have I shared? Did I contribute to the sustainability of universal stewardship? Did I contribute to the betterment of Humanity? Am I providing hope for the new generation? Will the children be better because of me? Every generation is born with a clean slate, do not leave the filth and greed of our generation for the new to learn from. Let accountability set in before you pass on.
  • God created the universe and all life forms. The evolution of the occurrences in the universe is perpetual.

Evolution is the gradual development or transformation of something (life-form), from a simple to a more complex form that it was originally meant or created to be. Evolution is a fact.

The argument that all creatures on earth just appeared in one day is argued upon by atheists viciously. Even some theists agree that evolution continues to work its wonders.

The acknowledgment that evolution is a fact does not dismiss the existence of God. God exists. He is the universe and beyond it, he is everything. He is infinite. He is the past, present and future. God is TIME, SPACE, FREEWILL, MATTER, FORCE, GRAVITY and DIMENSIONS. Beyond positive or negative. He created perfection. We are God’s creation. All of God’s creation is wrapped around Time. We are the stewards of the universe.

Religions argue furiously that there is no such thing as evolution. Atheists argue that there is no such thing as God but accept evolution. Creation is an unexplainable fact that embraces evolution.

Man as we know it may be at the apex of its evolution or man may still be evolving into what it is meant to be by God.

Last Updated on November 21, 2021

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