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Water Memory

Every thing in contact with water shares its memory or past and water retains it for eternity. Water has its own memory of everything around it. The motion (which is one of the languages of the universe) through vibrations creates memory, vibrations travels throughout the universe and when vibration touches water, water retains all its accumulated memory. When water from one area is mixed with the water from another area, memory is shared instantly.

Take this Earth for instance, the water here has the memory of mother earth since the beginning of time. The water in any planet does the same and has the same characteristic.

The memory of the universe is retained in water. Memory is forever lost once the water molecule (H2O) is split into its component elements; hydrogen and oxygen.

The universe is open and it shares its knowledge via one of its languages (motion). Vibration (motion) resonates in the universe. As it touches water, memory is embedded in water, making water the repository of knowledge in the universe.

We inherently have the ability to feel the memory in water although we have not developed our ki (qi) fully to completely relate with the memories of the universe or of mother earth. Water contains all memories of motion, both negative and positive, including love and hate, sadness and happiness. So, when you drink or come into contact with water, adopt a positive attitude. This will help enhance the goodness within you. Don’t just gulp down the water or any liquid containing water. Pause and think of something positive.

Last Updated on May 28, 2024

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