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The Universe

God created the universe. He created a perfect place for prosperity and happiness with accountability.

God is time and freewill. When he created the universe, he shared himself (time and freewill) and he embedded randomness and life in his creation .
Freewill and randomness made life more interesting and unpredictable.

When he shared his freewill, he simultaneously created souls-spirits (eternal) with freewill and other corporeal life forms with intrinsic freewill as well and he infused this new creation with the delicate ingredient of emotion. Freewill and emotion are two powerful forces in this universe which nourishes and destroys.

God created the spirit world, time, then mass, gravity, space, and dimensions. To all the sentient beings he gave freewill. Energy in the spirit world is intrinsic with each soul. In the corporeal realm, energy is the product of gravity and mass. That’s the simplicity of the universe.

How God created the universe is the playground of theorists. What everybody seems to agree on is that there is Time, Randomness, Matter(mass), Space, force, gravity and even dimensions. Then there are theories of the opposites and multiverse.

  • The universe is an eternal creation of God. Not a multiverse or contracting or expanding universe. Just one infinitesimal universe. What has been observed by scientists as they see the expanding galaxies is simply the birth of one occurrence. What scientist are observing is simply a minuscule portion of the universe that follows the effects of gravity. Gravity and mass are eternal partners.
  • The universe was created for us to explore it. The idea of a multiverse prompts this question: Why have the potential of exploring multitudes of galaxies when one galaxy will suffice? With the multiverse, one galaxy will more than suffice the need to explore, since there would be countless other “replicas” of this galaxy. But here we are with the fact that there are countless of galaxies out there.
  • All these clusters of galaxies as is currently being observed, is simply one “occurrence”. Every galaxy has a center where the gravitational pull is strong. When it becomes too strong, black holes are formed. Every occurrence has a center just as galaxies do.  Every galaxy will succumb to gravity and every occurrence will do as well.
  • All the galaxies in the occurrence will finally succumb to gravity and will be sucked into this “black hole”, the center, and as gravity accelerates all these galaxies into this convergence, and as everything compresses, it will get to the stage where partial excess energy will be squeezed out, (forming the hour glass effect) until “gravitational finality” is reached.
  • At the point of gravitational finality, the black hole can no longer contain all that has converged and it becomes “un-containable” and a violent explosion will occur with such force as to create a “big bang” effect. The black hole dies. The occurrence is born. This is the contraction and expansion of the universe (occurrence). There is no end, it is an unending cycle of life. It is simply a continuance in this one “occurrence”. There are multitudes of occurrences.
  • Modern science call an occurrence the “universe”. Our perception of the universe as we see it today, is but a single occurrence with billions of galaxies in it. There are countless “occurrences” all throughout the universe. Scientists have estimated this one occurrence where we live in, to be about 13.8 billion years old. The age of an occurrence does not determine the age of the universe.  How long before an occurrence goes on through a convergence? How many cycles has it been through already? The age of the universe itself is eternal.
  • These occurrences do not have a simultaneous behavior in their existence. One may be “emptying” while another may be “filling”. The “universe” that the scientists are talking and theorizing about is simply one of these countless occurrences within the infinitesimal UNIVERSE that God has created. The life of these occurrences continue to cycle over.
  • Each of these occurrences are separated by the vastness of space. This vast “emptiness” as science currently calls it, is not empty at all. The universe as God created it is “FULLY” occupied.  It is full of energy and contrary to what scientist say, energy has mass and mass generates gravity. At the center of every mass is a gravity convergence. Gravity sustains all over the universe, even in open space because energy travels though space and occupies everything and energy has mass.
  • Everything in the universe is in motion. In perpetual orbital, elliptical or spiral motion and motion generates vibrations and vibrations generate energy.

Last Updated on December 18, 2021

Gravity sustains all over the universe, even in open space because energy travels though space and occupies everything and energy has mass. The universe is in perpetual motion and motion generates vibrations and vibrations generate energy. The eternal trinity: Mass, Gravity, Energy.

This “emptiness” is what holds the universe together and it is entangled with the spirit domain where everything is connected and intertwined. The soul (conglomerate of thoughts) of the sentient being dwells in the spirit realm where it is not confined, restricted or limited by matter(mass), space, gravity, or dimensions. Mass, Space, force, gravity and even dimensions are the perception of sentient beings in the corporeal world where energy is utilized to accomplish anything and everything. In the spirit world, none of these are essential. Will power and emotion are the two essential forces from God that allow the spirit world to be vibrant with life.

Within this universe God created a LIFE force, spiritual and corporeal and along with this came FreeWill. Everything that God has created can be destroyed, only two things will remain unimpaired: Time and Freewill.

One day as we become proficient in the languages of the universe, we will master the randomness of the universe.

Time is the past and the future which hinges on the present. There are all kinds of theories out there about bending space and time but that’s all they are, theories. There may come a time through the advancement of science and technology that humans may be able to manipulate and bend space and time. Bend space so as to almost touch the other side and make traveling no longer time consuming. Bend time so as to make the passing of time faster or slower in pockets of space. But never leaping from the present to the past or the future.

Time is one with the universe. If you change the past in this room, you change the past in this area, this world, this solar system, this galaxy, this occurrence, and the universe. You can’t change the past, but it can certainly be viewed with the power of the spirit world. Everything is in the present.

Neither can anyone visit the future. Humanity’s future is literally only one heartbeat away. The future is simply variables of probabilities that hinge on randomness and free will within the present. The future out there in the galaxies where the freewill is not involved depends solely on randomness.

The future is not “written in the stars”. It is yet to come whether it depends on randomness or free will. A person can certainly predict the future for a specific personal act. Such as the act of swallowing water. Only one free will is involved here and that is his. As soon as more people are involved in a decision making, the future becomes vague. Now, when you combine this with randomness, it becomes almost an impossibility. However, with the development of future quantum computations predicting the probabilities of what is about to happen may be manageable but it can never be as dead set as the past.

An ordinary person can predict the outcome of a group’s decision if the opinions of the group is known to that person ahead of time.
Just as I know that the sun will show its full glory tomorrow early morn because I know about the rotation of the earth on its axis every 24 hours. I did not see the future, I simply predicted it.
An individual who has the gift of feeling and interpreting the resonance of thoughts, images, emotions and vibrations of the universe can unequivocally surmise the future.

The Universe is a perfect place for our need to explore as God created it and the future certainly depends on randomness and the conglomeration of humanity’s freedom of choice. All of God’s creation is wrapped around time. He is omnipresent. Even for God, the future is only what is to be. It hasn’t happened yet.

Last Updated on December 18, 2021

Free will is the gift from God. This is what helps make the unpredictability of the universe manageable. Freewill is what makes the universe fascinating.

Last Updated on December 18, 2021

Randomness is inherent in the universe. Force and gravity partake in the randomness within the universe. Randomness is uncontrollable. Science will later make it manageable but never stoppable.

Last Updated on December 18, 2021

Religions write about prophecies (what is to come) or about the “End of times”, “Armageddon”, “Judgment day”, “New beginning”. Many believe them to be true. They believe in predestination, yet they also believe in “freewill”. Now this contradict each other. A prediction for one’s action may come true unless deterred by randomness or the “freewill” of another. Since freewill is an unchanging factor in the universe, therefore there is no predestination. However, the enlightened (good or bad) spirit who can wield the energy of the corporeal and spirit world may reveal their intentions to sentient beings and make it so to be passed on down as “prophecy” or “revelation”. Powerful they may be to cause their will (intention) to be materialized in the future, but it remains only as a possibility because the “freewill” of another powerful spirit may interfere. Freewill and Randomness will forever be there to change things up.

Also there is no “OMNISCIENCE” (know everything including the future). God is attributed with absolute omniscience by all religions. God’s absolute power to do and create whatever he “wills” is confused with omniscience. There is no future to “see” but there is a future to be created. The will of God can plan (“predict”) that a galaxy will be created because he will make it so. The galaxy “was” not there in the future. It was not there to be seen. When God gave his sentient creation “Freewill”, he gave it without limitation. Freewill and randomness are the unknown factors. God can control and manage randomness but not the freewill of his creations. He can destroy “freewill” and take it all away from his creations, but God created perfection so he will not take “freewill” away. Without “freewill” there is no perfection.

Last Updated on December 18, 2021

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