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Universal Stewardship Association

Sustainable Stewardship of God’s Creation and the Prosperity of Humanity with Accountability

What are we doing to the hope of our future? What have we done to our children? What has happened to our educational system? What have we done to Mother Earth? How are we sustaining her? We are failing in our responsibility as stewards of our home. We continue to exercise dominion over creation, utilizing what God has given us to build our prosperity without being held accountable. This prosperity has granted power and wealth to some, while many have fallen victim to the path of greed, depriving others to expand their empires and accumulate more wealth.

As our civilization progresses, the majority of our population struggles to achieve their dreams. Always on the verge of success, yet barely able to reach it, they are kept hungry for achievements and used by those who have already attained power. The powerful continue to hold onto their positions, fueled by greed and a disregard for the needs of others. They have created an educational system driven by greed, with the illusion of pursuing success. However, most forget that the prosperity of businesses, whether on a global scale or within a nation, is built upon the prosperity of individuals.

It is a fact that our abilities and talents are not distributed equally. There will always be entrepreneurs, employees, politicians, soldiers, scientists, explorers, artists, educators, and clergy, among others. However, the current educational system is designed to create servants for the powerful, lacking emphasis on prudence, respect, kindness, gratitude, sharing, or love. The focus is solely on personal material success, power, and control. The weak, unfortunate, and poor individuals have just as much right to aspire and dream of greatness. A proactive educational system offers them a better chance at realizing these hopes, goals, and yearnings.

Economically, more prosperous countries are draining talent from impoverished nations by enticing their skilled and productive people to leave. These individuals, who could contribute to building their own countries, are being pulled away to further enrich already prosperous nations. Consequently, a generation in poor countries begins to believe that the only way to progress is through emigration. This creates a mentality of abandonment rather than fostering a mindset of building prosperity from within. What or who instills such thinking? Certainly not instinct. The antiquated educational system is to blame. So, how can humanity break free from this cycle of vicious deprivation?

The answer lies in creating a new educational system that departs from the foundations of greed, one that is based on the principles of universal stewardship. It is the responsibility of the Association to help educate humanity and pave the way for a brighter future.

1. Universal Stewardship Academy

2. Create a Non-special interest, Non-Partisan, Non-religious group to monitor governments around the world.

3. The Association will create a foundation to save Mother Earth

4. How will the association earn to support, protect and sustain itself and continue to be able to help others?

Founder of Universal Stewardship: Franklin H. Maletsky

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A child responds better on a full stomach.
A child learns more when he/she is not hungry. A child is happier on a full belly. It is easier to learn RESPECT & KINDNESS on a full belly.
Let the children come. Let them eat. Let them learn. Let them be happy.
Every 3rd Sunday of the month. From 10:30 am to 12:00 noon at FHM Garden, Tumaga, Zamboanga City
It is free. No strings attached.
We are non-political, non-religious, and not affiliated with any special interest groups.
Part of your donation will go to the building of the Universal Stewardship Academy.

Last Updated on May 15, 2023