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Sustainable Stewardship of God’s Creation and the Prosperity of Humanity with Accountability

What are we doing to the hope of our future? What have we done to our children? What happened to our educational system? What have we done to Mother Earth? What are we doing to sustain her? We are failing in our responsibility as stewards of our home. We continue to have dominion over creation, we utilized what God has given us to build our prosperity without accountability. This prosperity gave some the power and wealth and many have fallen into the path of greed and are consumed in the deprivation of others to expand their empire and wealth.

As our civilization progresses, the majority of our population fail to achieve their dreams. Always at the edge of reaching but barely touching success, kept hungry for achievements and used by those who have already achieved. The powerful continue to stay powerful. Greed kept them strong to continue DEPRIVING those who are always in need. They have created an educational system geared and fashioned after greed with the illusion of chasing success. Most forget that the prosperity of businesses, around the world or that of a nation is built upon the prosperity of the individual.

It is a fact that our abilities and talents are never equal. There will always be entrepreneurs, employees, politicians, soldiers, scientists, explorers, artists, educators, clerics et cetera. However, the current educational system is geared to creating servants for the powerful. The educational system, has no emphasis on prudence, respect, kindness, gratitude, sharing, or love. The emphasis is on personal material success, power and control. The weak, the unfortunate and the poor have as much right to their aspirations and dreams for greatness. There is a better chance at these hopes, goals and yearning with a proactive educational system.

Economically, the more prosperous countries siphon the talent from impoverished countries off of their talented and productive people. People who can help build their country are being pulled out to prosper the already prosperous countries. A generation of people in poor countries begin to think that the only way to advance is to immigrate. The mentality of abandonment is created instead of the mentality of building prosperity from within. Who or what makes people think this way? Definitely not instinct. The antiquated educational system is the culprit. So, how can humanity bail out from this cycle of vicious deprivation?

The answer is to create a new educational system that breaks away from the foundation of greed, an educational system that is based on the principles of universal Stewardship. The Association shall take the responsibility to help educate humanity.

1. Universal Stewardship Academy

The Association will create a foundation to save Mother Earth

  • Save the rivers, lakes, seas and all bodies of water.
  • Reforest the mountains, watersheds, and coastlines.
  • Save the reef
  • Save wild life (flora and fauna)
  • Create a Sustainable and renewable energy
  • Work with other organizations who are into the conservation of nature and resources.
  • Foster and help build the economy and technology of nations.

Create a Non-Partisan, Non-religious, No special interest Lobbying group to monitor governments around the world

The lobbying group will monitor and fight any corrupt or detrimental laws towards all citizens, it will lobby for the amendment or revocation of such laws. To prevent a group of people or organization to take over any municipality, city, province, region, territory in the country with their beliefs, politics, ideology or culture. To help create laws that will be beneficial to all citizens. To work with policy makers and to help them formulate policies that are not prejudicial or biased.

A lobbying group that is not out to take down any organization or individual but to take down the suggestions they present that deprives others.

Political groups, religions, special interest groups, most corporations and foundations will always do what is best for their organization and sometimes at the expense of those who do not belong or associate with their organization.

The lobbying group will never laud or support a political candidate, a political group, a religious belief, or any other organization. This lobbying group will work with these organizations to make sure that the best for humanity will be adhered to. Any political group that presents a suggestion, a bill or proposes a certain law that proves to be beneficial to all, the lobbying group will support it and help campaign for its passage or approval. If they propose anything that is detrimental, the lobbying group will fight against it.

When possible, each country will have its own lobbying group. Original members of this Lobbying Group will be appointed by the current board of directors of the Association and to be approved by the President. A qualified member must be at least 30 years old. Each prospect will be vetted extensively. Members must represent all the provinces or states of their country. Dismissal of any member will be by unanimous vote from the board members with final approval of the chief executive officer.

Future members of this Lobbying Group will be recommended by current active committee members and to be vetted by the board members of the association and approved by the President.

How will the association earn to support, protect and sustain itself and continue to be able to help others?

  • The tuition from students will help support and sustain the school system.
    • Donations and grants from alumni will also help.
    • Children of employees of the association (or employees themselves) will have free scholarship. No tuition to be paid.
  • The association will gear itself towards agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture, all the while practicing sustainable farming. This will generate income and help provide organic food for the human race.
    • Lease or own lands for forestry and lumber. Lease or own water rights or natural resources when available.
  • The association will create sustainable energy for the public. Sold to the general public via government permits and licenses.
    • Solar and wind generators.
    • Geo-thermal.
    • Tidal wave and sea current power generators.
      • More attention will be given to geo-thermal and sea current source of energy. Source of energy for these two rarely fluctuate. Power storage(batteries) will not be required.
    • Alternative sustainable energies will always be developed. Research on storage of energy will be an on-going project of the association.
  • The association will own and build shelters for the public to rent at reasonable and affordable rates.
  • The association will have a “personnel staffing” company. This will allow the association to spread out to all areas of businesses to provide them with their staffing needs. Most of all this will help the association create the security personnel system (via security staffing) to protect itself from predators, by ways of laws and physical force.
  • The association will own or invest in (common stocks) of public corporations.
    • Invest in logistics and transportation companies using sustainable fuels instead of fossil fuel or fuels detrimental to the environment.
    • Invest in eco-friendly corporations (common stocks).
    • Portion of the profits from these investments will go to the FREE healthcare of all employees of the association via enrollment with health insurance companies within the locality of the employees. A minimum of 20 hours work per week will qualify an employee for this free health insurance, with a minimum 3 month employment. All co-pays will be paid by the association. Upon termination of employment all benefits will be cancelled. However, employees with 20 years or more of service are entitled to a lifetime of free health care coverage from this universal form of healthcare. Employees with 30 years of service will receive a pension plan (compensation comparable to government retirement pays) and the free health plan continues to be in effect.
  • The association will create a licensed Long-term Universal Health Care facility for the elderly members of the association. This will be free. Funding will come from the association and from donations of members.
  • The association will maintain a research and development team.
  • To always build Schools or Academies whenever capital is available, to enable the continued spreading of the principles and rules of universal stewardship.
  • The association will also invest in private tertiary education and “further” education school corporations. Investment in these schools will not simply be intended for income generation but more so for the creation of influence in the level of education. Education for the betterment of humanity and the prosperity of citizens by providing continued education for those whose skills were taken over by technology or disability.

Founder of Universal Stewardship: Franklin H. Maletsky

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