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Time is the past and the future which hinges on the present. While there are various theories about bending space and time, they remain speculative. There may come a time through the advancement of science and technology that humans may be able to manipulate and bend space and time. Bend space so as to almost touch the other side and make traveling no longer time consuming. Bend time so as to make the passing of time faster or slower in pockets of space. But never leaping from the present to the past or the future.

Time is intricately connected to the universe. Altering the past in one room would ripple through this area, the world, the solar system, the galaxy, the occurrence and ultimately the entire universe. The past is immutable, yet it can be observed through the lens of the spiritual realm. Everything exists in the present moment.

Likewise, venturing into the future is an impossibility. Humanity’s future is merely a heartbeat away, influenced by variables of probability shaped by randomness and free will in the present. The future in distant galaxies, where free will is not a factor, relies solely on randomness.

Contrary to the notion that the future is predetermined, it is yet to unfold, contingent upon a blend of randomness and free will. While individuals can predict certain personal actions, such as swallowing water, where only one free will is involved, the future becomes increasingly uncertain when multiple individuals participate in decision-making. When combined with randomness, predicting the future becomes nearly impossible. However, the advancement of quantum computations may provide tools to forecast probabilities, albeit without absolute certainty like the past.

An ordinary person can anticipate the outcome of a group’s decision if they are privy to the opinions of the group in advance. Similarly, we can predict the sunrise tomorrow morning based on our knowledge of the earth’s rotation every 24 hours. These predictions rely on understanding rather than witnessing the future.

An individual gifted with the ability to perceive and interpret the resonance of thoughts, images, emotions, and vibrations in the universe may gain insights into the future. The universe, crafted by God, is a realm ripe for exploration, and the future is influenced by a combination of randomness and humanity’s collective freedom of choice. God, being omnipresent, encompasses time, and even for Him, the future remains a realm of possibilities yet to unfold.

Last Updated on February 5, 2019

Last Updated on February 5, 2019

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