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The Meeting

The ‘Principles of Universal Stewardship’ Had a Meeting

In a timeless hall, where ideals converged,
Prudence, with her discerning eyes, emerged.
“I call this meeting,” she began with grace,
“To ensure our world remains a harmonious place.”

Respect, tall and dignified, nodded, “Indeed,
Without me, hearts close and love’s flow does impede.
Every being, every voice, has a tale to weave,
To understand and honor is what we should believe.”

Kindness, with a soft glow, gently said,
“In every gesture, every word that’s spread,
I see the hope, the love, the light,
Guiding all through the darkest night.”

Gratitude, with a warm, infectious smile,
Spoke up, “Every challenge, every trial,
Is a lesson, a gift in disguise,
To embrace and cherish, to realize.”

Apology, humble and sincere in tone,
Whispered, “I heal rifts, where hurt is sown.
In the symphony of life, my words might be few,
But they mend bridges, make connections new.”

Forgiveness added, “Together we stand, you and I,
Turning tears of hurt into a contented sigh.
I release the burdens, the weights that pull,
Making hearts, once heavy, light and full.”

Accountability, steadfast and true, declared,
“Every action, every choice, should be fairly squared.
In the mirror of life, I’m the reflection one sees,
The embodiment of choices, of life’s guarantees.”

Responsible Prosperity, poised and grand,
Stated, “True wealth is not just about the land.
But in the growth of all, in harmony and peace,
Where the welfare of one doesn’t cease.”

Enlightenment, radiating a luminous glow,
Concluded, “In the heart, mind, and soul, we grow.
Through knowledge, wisdom, and insight so clear,
We transcend, evolve, year after year.”

With their words shared, their intentions set,
They wove a tapestry of ideals, no regret.
In unity, they stood, their purpose now aligned,
To guide the world, heart, soul, and mind.

Last Updated on September 18, 2023

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