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Spaceship Earth

Our mother earth rotates around the sun. The sun rotates around the galaxy, milky way. The galaxy (milky way) rotates around the occurrence. We are fixed in this position yet we travel around the universe. Earth spins around the sun at an approximate speed of 67K miles per hour. The sun rotates around the galaxy at an average speed of 448K per hour making the full orbit in about 230 million years.

We are all travelers in this spaceship called Earth.

In time technology will allow us to control the chaos of nature. We will be able to harness the power of the core of mother earth to generate energy more powerful than that of the sun. We can literally survive without the sun. By harnessing the power of gravity, our spaceship earth can whip itself out of orbit and travel the universe at unimaginable controlled speeds. We will have more than enough energy to create a force field around our planet to keep the atmosphere in place and protect us from any unforeseen invasions or collisions.  Our spaceship earth can visit other galaxies.

Last Updated on April 7, 2022

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