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Meaning of Security Government & Security Security a Basic Need
Weakness & Security Questions about Security Nation’s Security

The meaning of Security:

Protecting oneself and family. Method of guarding our community, its assets and equity. Protection from predators, from plunderers, from thieves, from bullies and those who deprive. Protection from natural disasters. Security guarantees survival. There is no security in weakness. Security sustains prosperity. Security sustains peace. Without security, basic human rights can’t be protected or promoted.

Our basic right to Security ranks up there with sustenance, shelter and propagation. During simple times when weapons of mass destruction and guns were not yet invented, it was with pride that every household possessed weapons; weapons that can defend, keep the peace, commit crime or whatever the user may want his weapon to be used for. As civilization prospered and got more sophisticated, governance decided to control the number and types of weapons possessed by their citizens.

Government Stepped in to control:

Government (or group that controls) became in charge of security and the responsibility for securing the peace in the community became that of the government. This is a good thing because security guarantees survival. However, government does not want the citizens to possess lethal weapons. So rules and laws were created to justify this demand from the government. When crimes were committed with the use of lethal weapons, the argument for the disarmament of the citizens became stronger. Laws and rules and the enforcement thereof where always based on the criminal actions of the few demented people who are bullies and do not value respect and kindness.

Indeed violence always begets violence because to defend oneself against a violent attack has the ingredient of violence. There is always retaliation. The reaction of the government is always the same: “disarmament”. But this is not the answer. The answer is in the behavior of humans.

Security is a basic need of an individual:

The basic human need of SECURITY lies with the individual. Government must never be allowed to take this away. However, this does not mean concession to anarchy. Government exists to protect the people. But if government is left unchecked then changes are made without the consent of the people. In order for government to be monitored and kept in check, guardians of the principles of universal stewardship must be in place.

Security must embrace respect and kindness. Parents must teach this. The school system must teach this. Government must embrace this. Security is the right of every individual. It is not an inherent government right, it is an inherent individual human right. It must never be taken away from him.

Weakness deteriorates security:

There is no security in weakness. We must protect our prosperity. This does not mean that others are not welcome. On the contrary, all peaceful and law abiding people are welcome to visit or stay. Strength in security does not mean oppression or totalitarianism. It only means PROTECTION. The moment the borders become weak, intruders will immediately trespass and deprive. They will attempt to take over. They will cluster become strong and deprive the community and impose their rules and make it part of government.They will infiltrate and will take over from within.

Those who want to stay in power or take over, always want others to practice tolerance. They always insist on the transparency of security. Transparency destroys security. The strength of security relies on privacy and secrecy.

Fight, not because you hate or you are hated, fight because you are defending and protecting what and who you love and respect.

A few questions for those who think that security is not an important factor in life:

  • Why did cavemen guard their caves? Security.
  • Why do you have doors? Security.
  • Why do you have fences? Security.
  • Why do you have secret passwords? Security.
  • Why do you save money? Security.
  • Why do you learn self-defense? Security.
  • Why do people, companies and nations have contracts, covenants or treaties? Security.
  • Why do countries have militaries? Security.
  • Why do nations form alliances? Security.
  • Why do communities have police? Security.
  • Why are there check points? Security.
  • Why are there health quarantines? Security.
  • When there is a pandemic why are borders locked down? Security.

Never take your security for granted. Be on guard at all times. There are bullies all around us. Your prosperity can’t be sustained without security. Be careful and cautious of the leaders who use the issue of security to promote fear. Always gauge their actions on the scale of “PRUDENCE“.

Nation’s Security

The government of a nation can’t sustain without security. It’s borders must be protected. Only legal immigrants must be allowed to stay. Alliances must be cultivated. A stronger country must help it’s weaker ally but the alliance must be fostered with the idea of give and take.

Last Updated on March 9, 2024

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