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Satan, who is he?

Wisdom of Satan

Satan is as real as Jesus Christ and as real as all of us. Satan exists. The bible describes satan as a the fallen angel (Lucifer). Is satan the son of God? Yes, he is. Just as all of us are the children of God. Why is satan powerful, influential and can perform amazing acts or miracles? Why is he depicted by many religions as a very powerful being? If God created all souls equal, why are some more powerful than others? Why can some manifest themselves in a corporeal form while others can’t?

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Satan is a very old soul who chose to aspire the ability to be corporeal and spirit concurrently and eternally try to control both realms. He has been through several cycles accumulating instinctive knowledge and power. He gets more powerful after every cycle and he retains more of his spiritual memories in his corporeal state.

Written history has revealed that he has the ability to manifest himself temporarily anywhere he pleases to be, but he still does not have the ability to stay corporeal eternally or to choose his corporeal destination. He still perishes while he is in the corporeal state.

There will be a time when he will be in his final cycle where his corporeal body will be eternally joined with the spirit world through the power of his KI. Thereby enabling him to manifest himself anywhere in the universe and stay there as long as he wants.

Satan and his followers preach that theirs is the only true path to salvation from damnation, the preservation of self via greed which breeds bias and prejudice. They preach love (selfish love). The love of only “among” a group of people. They preach tolerance. They cause conflict, then fear and submission. So he can effectively rule and influence through vanity and deception, through deprivation and the ever unreachable reward of fulfillment.

But satan will never be an unstoppable force. What he is doing is not unique, others like him are doing the same. There is competition, even from his followers. His problem is not only competition, his problem is the other unstoppable good soul with many others following him. The good will unite with affinity, whereas the evil competes and always stand alone. Evil may collaborate, but ultimately they will be at each other’s throat.

Satan’s wisdom:

“The wisdom of Satan”

Do not trust anyone.

Use anything, everything and everyone to benefit yourself.

If it makes you feel good and powerful, do it!

If it is there for the taking, take it.

Do not be concerned about the welfare of others.

Teach them to tolerate you and ultimately be totally dependent on you.

Utilize the power of vanity.

Last Updated on March 12, 2020

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