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To Reincarnate: The soul takes on a new physical body and becomes a “sentient-intelligent-self aware” being.

One of God’s greatest gift is our ability to choose. It is our eternal FREEWILL.

When our corporeal form dies, our freewill does not fade away. Our souls do not die. So it begs the question to be asked; is the soul forbidden from returning into a corporeal state? Remember, there is freedom of choice, so no, it is not forbidden and yes, the souls of any sentient being may reincarnate and have another try at corporeal living. This is where the “old soul” becomes a reality.

Why choose to reincarnate? To accumulate instinctive inherited abilities and behaviors. When an old soul becomes corporeal again, only the accumulated instinctive memories are embedded in the corporeal body and the instinctive knowledge is also embedded in the genome. This explains inherited abilities and behaviors.

Every time a soul reincarnates it accumulates more instinctive knowledge. As a spirit, the soul retains all of its memories of all its lifetimes but as a living corporeal being it only retains the accumulation of the instinctive knowledge. Such as leadership quality, creativity, charisma, talents, natural abilities, ki energy control, loving, sharing, kindness, greed and selfishness. Hence, we are not on the same footing in the corporeal world. We all have the same potential but there are others who are just further ahead.

When souls reincarnate and there is misguidance from guardians or parents the child grows up to accumulate more negative instinctive knowledge. We re-incarnate into the corporeal world with the instinctive knowledge of who we were. We can get a little nicer or a little angrier. We accumulate more experiences but our fundamental instinctive nature improves very little at a time. Only those with already much accumulated “instinctive knowledge” can easily break away from the influences of guardians or parents.

History have records of men who were born of very little means yet rise up to greatness. We have read the stories of men such as: Moses, Buddha, Mohammad, Jesus Christ, Hitler, Alexander, Caesar, Genghis Khan, and other modern charismatic cult and corporate leaders. People will die for them. Even the vile and despicable who has been depicted as the fallen angel Lucifer (Satan) has multitudes of followers.

The power and greatness of each soul that comes back and be corporeal again depends on its closeness to the joining (instinctive knowledge and the soul). The accumulation of instinctive knowledge and more so of the “ki” which allows the corporeal being to connect or touch the eternal energy of the spirit world. The greatest of them all would be the one who would while still in the corporeal state can wield the power of the spirit world through “ki”.

Not all souls will decide to return. Others will simply choose not to. The return may not be to whence he was in his prior life. The corporeal destination is random for those who are not fully joined. He may go back into a different dimension, a different galaxy, a different occurrence, a different species of sentient being. Only the souls who have accumulated enough instinctive knowledge can choose their corporeal destinations. We are all the children of God, anyone of those who comes back may be more enlightened and can do “miraculous” deeds while in the corporeal state depending on how joined he is with the spirit world via his ki. One may come back to show us the path to prosperity of body mind and spirit, while another may come to lead us to the path of deprivation.

Every soul knows who God is, even those who have lived as non-believers or atheists.


Last Updated on January 21, 2021

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