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We make promises. God does not promise or make covenants. He never did. Anything and everything that we want or could possibly want has already been provided and presented to us or laid out for us by God. We have to make our move to help ourselves.

God does not threaten and promises us rewards for great behavior. There is no need to fear God. He is about love and not fear. He does not favor one for the other. We as humans do that. We interpret the perceptions of who or what we are and we project that to be that of God. We are so vain.

God is not about the eternal damnation or punishment in hell, and neither is he about the eternal reward of heaven. He is about accountability in terms of privileges. God is about serenity and love and the everlasting opportunity to belong and be “more”. God simply wants us to live our eternal life (corporeal and spiritual), to respect, to share, to love, to prosper and to be happy.”

Last Updated on April 24, 2020

He gave us life, love, freewill and this universe to share. Just be nice and follow the principles and guidelines of universal stewardship.

Last Updated on April 24, 2020

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