Pride vs Vanity

We are proud of our prosperity, accomplishments, possessions and our loved ones. Pride is good, it makes humans accomplish great things. As we achieve more, we also recognize that others look up to us more, this makes us feel good. People admire our accomplishments and then so do we, which gives us pride. But the craving for more leads to vanity or conceit. Vanity leads to self-admiration, unwillingness to share, and to the other negatives in life. We begin to deprive others, we begin to cheat others, we begin to insult others. Vanity leads us to envy, to yearning for what we do not have, which then leads to transgression and to the deprivation of others.

Pride is a feel good attitude. It makes one feel alive. Be proud of your accomplishments. Be proud of your family, your children, your parents and your spouse. Be proud of your country. Pride nurtures unity. However, never mistake VANITY for pride. Vanity is empty. Vanity will always remain as the favorite “sin” of the devil. Vanity prevents you from apologizing and forgiving. Vanity reflects self-righteousness. It is easy to fall for Vanity. It is more difficult to be humble. Humility is acceptance. Humility is “quiet pride”, it is between the individual and God. Once humility takes on a “voice” it leans towards vanity.


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