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The dictionary defines posterity as: All future generations of people or the descendants of a person.`

By default all creatures of God procreate for posterity or the continuance of life. Humanity is unique. We have the ability to improve the future generation not just through evolution but with our ability to write (compose) and build. We have the ability to teach and learn. If nobody writes (composes) or builds, then the future generations of humans will only be as the jelly fish in the ocean. Living only based on instinct. Humanity has 12 basic needs. The one that stands out to build posterity is communication.

The improvement and prosperity of future generations are dependent on those with the talent to compose (write) and build. We have the instinct to teach and learn. But this (knowledge) must grow from the foundation of the past generation. Left behind by those who wrote and built. Rote memory can sustain 3 or 4 generations at max with possibility of errors. Hence, languages when not backed up with written words and definitions are either lost or corrupted. However, written words/music (compositions) and built structures can last for multiple generations.

Those who have the talent to write (compose) or build, will always leave something good or bad behind as a foundation for the future generations to learn from.  They influence the path of the future generation. Ideologies, science and technology are born and perpetuated based on the teachings and influence of those who wrote (composed) and built.

These talented people who take their time to create, make the languages of the universe available to humanity for future generations to work on and improve upon.

“For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.”

That’s a quote from the Bible. Many misinterpret that. That quote refers only to your personal material possessions, which no one takes with him upon death. There is one thing that we do take with us after we die. We take with us the memories that have accumulated when we lived. So continue building relationships. These memories will be with you forever and hopefully for a long time with the living.

Continue building your material prosperity. It’s true that you wont’ be able to take it with you but your prosperity can be passed on to the next generation so they won’t have to struggle as much for their healthcare and education. Help build the prosperity for the next generation. Not everybody has the talent to build material prosperity. So don’t waste your talent. Be kind, work your talent not just for your personal prosperity but for the prosperity of the future generation.


In the tapestry of life, each individual threads their unique pattern, living in various ways – some in opulence, surrounded by the trappings of luxury; others in simplicity, embracing frugality and minimalism; and many in a state of comfortable normalcy, finding contentment in the everyday. Yet, the true measure of a life’s impact often becomes apparent not in the moment, but in the echoes left behind after one’s departure from this world.

In death, the superficial layers of material wealth and lifestyle choices fade, revealing the core of what truly endures. It’s those who have created, whether through art, literature, invention, or innovation, who leave indelible marks upon the sands of time. Their creations become the legacy, transcending the boundaries of their own mortality.

Similarly, those who have built – not just in the physical sense of architecture or enterprises, but also in building communities, fostering movements, or nurturing ideas – cast long shadows over the future, influencing generations to come. Their impact is woven into the fabric of society, reshaping and redefining the course of history in ways both big and small.

And then there are those who have written – authors, poets, scholars, whose words become the vessels of knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration. Through the written word, they achieve a form of immortality, as their thoughts, stories, and discoveries continue to resonate, educate, and inspire long after they have gone.

Thus, in death, the differences in lifestyle choices that once seemed so significant become trivial in comparison to the lasting contributions one makes to the world. For posterity remembers not the material wealth one amassed, but the enduring contributions to culture, knowledge, and human progress. It’s in this realm of creation, building, and writing that the essence of a person’s life can truly make a difference, leaving a legacy that outlives their physical existence and continues to influence the world.




Last Updated on November 19, 2023


  1. fhmaletsky

    Success in life is to know that you have loved with all your being, and knowing that you have left something good behind for the next generation to grow and learn from.

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