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Our world, mother earth, is always at peace. The universe is always at peace. Our environment may seem chaotic at times. But that is because we do not understand all the creations of God. Humanity and sentient beings create chaos among themselves. Fights among individuals and people will never be avoided. Fights within a country can be avoided with prosperity. Fights among nations and worlds can be avoided through negotiations with diplomacy, prudence and a great security and defense system. Plundering and exploitation are mostly prompted by greed and the need to have material prosperity. Sometimes it is prompted by the need for survival.

The path to peace is through prosperity with accountability and security. An individual who has achieved responsible prosperity is seldom “wanting” or greedy. This is also true with the family, community, country, world and the universe. However, peace must always be protected. Defense or security must always be maintained. There is always a bully around the corner who will try to take what you have. We must also protect ourselves from natural disasters. Security guarantees survival and prosperity.

Any individual, organization, community, or country who gets complacent and leaves its values and prosperity unguarded will one day be taken down by the greedy, the depriver, or natural disaster.

God gave us this universe and he gave us freewill. Do not depend on God for our peace. We create the chaos in our lives. God already gave us the strength to correct it, do not just sit back or pray that there will be peace. Peace among humans is not achieved through prayers. Peace is achieved with our freewill. 

Many have been brainwashed since childhood because for generations we have been taught that peace is our goal. Indeed peace is our family’s, community’s, organization’s and nation’s goal. But our main individual goal is not peace, it is happiness. 

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