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Humans will never overpopulate mother earth.

Environmentalists and politicians do not like that statement. Why? The politicians love to maintain the fear, and the fear mongering environmentalists love to get their continued funding. These fear mongers do not want to find the right solution, they all emphasize on the negative. The emphasis should never be on fear. The emphasis should be on educating the people to find the right solutions. Educating the people in the principles of universal stewardship to stop environmental degradation.

The fact that everybody is talking about overpopulation does not make overpopulation a fact. Yes there is an ever increasing number of humans on earth, that is natural. But we are not like cattle. We do not overgraze our pasture for sustenance. We have intelligence to manage and create our sustenance. Another thing to consider is our basic instinct to CLUSTER.  We cluster and form great cities. Look at the great state of New York in the United States of America, over 65% of its 20M population (2020) live in the New York City metropolis (less than 25%) of the state’s area. We love to cluster. With the development of technology people will cluster some more. The fear mongers have monetized the idea of overpopulation.

Yes be concerned about pollution, be concerned about protecting the wildlife, be concerned about protecting nature. These fear mongers are so concerned about drought and that overpopulation is its cause. Increase in population does not cause drought. Mother earth has more than enough water. Find the solution to have better water distribution because drought is regional. Water will sustain us all. Mother earth does not have drought.

Water does not just quench our thirst. It is the source of our life. We will be exterminated without access to water. Mother earth will not run out of water, we just need to be able to access it. Access to water allows us to grow any types of vegetation. Water brings wealth. Wealth is an equalizer when it comes to family size. Statistics have proven that the poor have large families. Most of the “overpopulated” areas are in the poor countries. What do these poor countries have in common? Poor access to drinking water and for irrigation.

Colonizing the Moon and Mars, and living underground in mother earth

We love to explore. So we will always be looking for other areas to colonize (planets). Finding an inhabitable planet like earth may not happen in a few hundred years, but building colossal livable deep underground dwellings in the moon, mars and earth.

  • Colonizing planets: This can happen but it is a few hundred years away.
  • While others are venturing into space, more will be finding ways to live in our neighboring moon and Mars. Flying into outer space will be just as easy as taking public transportation. Self sustainable underground dwellings can be built.
  • The best alternative is to live underground and leave the surface of mother earth in its splendor with flora and fauna. Sustainable gargantuan dwellings can be dug out enabling its ecosystem. The temperatures of the soil kilometers underground is hot (too hot for humans), but geothermal energy will provide enough energy to power the environmental control systems. These pocket dwellings will be interconnected.
    • Creating these gargantuan ecosystem pockets many kilometers deep underground may even help humanity survive through mass extinction events.


Last Updated on January 18, 2022

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