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occurrence theory of the universe

All that we observe in the cosmos currently is not the universe. We are simply studying one of the occurrences in the infinite universe.

  • The universe is an eternal creation of God. Not a multiverse or contracting or expanding universe. Just one infinitesimal universe. What has been observed by scientists as they see the expanding galaxies is simply the birth of one occurrence. What scientist are observing is simply a minuscule portion of the universe that follows the effects of gravity. Gravity and mass are eternal partners.
  • The universe was created for us to explore it. The idea of a multiverse prompts this question: Why have the potential of exploring multitudes of galaxies when one galaxy will suffice? With the multiverse, one galaxy will more than suffice the need to explore, since there would be countless other “replicas” of this galaxy. But here we are with the fact that there are countless of galaxies out there.
  • All these clusters of galaxies as is currently being observed, is simply one “occurrence”. Every galaxy has a center where the gravitational pull is strong. When it becomes too strong, black holes are formed. Every occurrence has a center just as galaxies do.  Every galaxy will succumb to gravity and every occurrence will do as well.
  • All the galaxies in the occurrence will finally succumb to gravity and will be sucked into this “black hole”, the center, and as gravity accelerates all these galaxies into this convergence, and as everything compresses, it will get to the stage where partial excess energy will be squeezed out, (forming the hour glass effect) until “gravitational finality” is reached.
  • At the point of gravitational finality, the black hole can no longer contain all that has converged and it becomes “un-containable” and a violent explosion will occur with such force as to create a “big bang” effect. The black hole dies. The occurrence is born. This is the contraction and expansion of the universe (occurrence). There is no end, it is an unending cycle of life. It is simply a continuance in this one “occurrence”. There are multitudes of occurrences.
  • Modern science call an occurrence the “universe”. Our perception of the universe as we see it today, is but a single occurrence with billions of galaxies in it. There are countless “occurrences” all throughout the universe. Scientists have estimated this one occurrence where we live in, to be about 13.8 billion years old. The age of an occurrence does not determine the age of the universe.  How long before an occurrence goes on through a convergence? How many cycles has it been through already? The age of the universe itself is eternal.
  • These occurrences do not have a simultaneous behavior in their existence. One may be “emptying” while another may be “filling”. The “universe” that the scientists are talking and theorizing about is simply one of these countless occurrences within the infinitesimal UNIVERSE that God has created. The life of these occurrences continue to cycle over.
  • Each of these occurrences are separated by the vastness of space. This vast “emptiness” as science currently calls it, is not empty at all. The universe as God created it is “FULLY” occupied.  It is full of energy and contrary to what scientist say, energy has mass and mass generates gravity. At the center of every mass is a gravity convergence. Gravity sustains all over the universe, even in open space because energy travels though space and occupies everything and energy has mass.
  • Everything in the universe is in motion. In perpetual orbital, elliptical or spiral motion and motion generates vibrations and vibrations generate energy.

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

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