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occurrence theory of the universe

All that we observe in the cosmos currently is not the universe. We are simply studying one of the occurrences in the infinite universe.

The universe is a symphony of perpetual motion, with every entity engaged in graceful orbits, elliptical trajectories, or mesmerizing spirals. This ceaseless motion gives rise to vibrations that reverberate through the cosmic tapestry, cascading into a magnificent symphony of energy. Vibrations become the catalyst for the manifestation of boundless energy, infusing the universe with vitality and dynamism.

Presently, our observations are confined to a mere fraction of what science designates as the “universe.” It is crucial to recognize that this designated “universe” is merely a solitary instance among countless other occurrences, each characterized by its distinctive timeline. These unseen occurrences beckon us to venture forth and unravel their mysteries. With the progression of our knowledge and the advancement of technology, we may eventually glimpse into the occurrences that came before or will follow the one we presently occupy, expanding our comprehension of the immense cosmic tapestry that surrounds us.

The occurrence that all these observable galaxies are in, is contained in a bubble. Just as solar systems and galaxies are contained in a bubble. They have a terminology for the bubble for our solar system, it is the heliosphere.

  1. The universe, as an eternal creation of God, is a singular and infinite entity that transcends the concept of multiple universes or cycles of expansion and contraction. While scientists have observed galaxies expanding, it is important to understand that this phenomenon represents the birth of one occurrence within the immense expanse of the universe. These observations are limited to a tiny fraction of the universe, influenced by the gravitational forces that exist eternally and are interconnected with mass.
  2. The purpose of the universe is to provide a realm for exploration, offering endless opportunities for discovery and expansion. The concept of a multiverse prompts the question: why would there be a need for the potential exploration of countless galaxies if a single galaxy would be enough? The presence of countless galaxies serves as a testament to the vastness and richness of the universe, indicating that there is an abundance of uncharted territories and mysteries awaiting exploration.
  3. All clusters of galaxies, as currently observed, represent a single occurrence. Similar to how each galaxy possesses a gravitational center, every occurrence also has its center. Over time, the relentless force of gravity prevails over the galaxies, ultimately resulting in the formation of black holes. Just as every galaxy succumbs to the gravitational pull, so does every occurrence within the universe. The powerful grasp of gravity shapes the destiny of galaxies and occurrences alike.
  4. Within each occurrence, the galaxies undergo a profound journey guided by the force of gravity. As time unfolds, the gravitational pull gradually draws the galaxies towards the center, initiating a process of convergence. With increasing compression, the intense forces at play cause the release of excess energy, giving rise to a captivating hourglass effect. This mesmerizing display continues until the stage of “gravitational finality” is attained, marking a pivotal moment in the cosmic dance where matter finds its ultimate equilibrium.
  5. Upon reaching the threshold of gravitational finality, the immense pressure within the black hole becomes overwhelming, causing a cataclysmic and vigorous explosion reminiscent of a “big bang” phenomenon. In this grand spectacle, the black hole meets its demise, giving way to the emergence of a fresh occurrence. This event symbolizes the cyclic nature of each occurrence, characterized by its perpetual contraction and expansion. It is an eternal cycle of life unfolding within the boundaries of this singular occurrence, with an abundance of occurrences existing in a vast tapestry of cosmic existence.
  6. In the realm of modern science, we designate an occurrence as the vast expanse known as the “universe.” Within this universe, our perception encompasses a singular occurrence housing billions of galaxies. However, it is important to recognize that numerous occurrences are dispersed throughout the infinitesimal expanse of the UNIVERSE crafted by God. The age of a particular occurrence does not dictate the age of the universe as a whole. The duration preceding the convergence of an occurrence or the number of cycles it has undergone remains shrouded in mystery, eluding our comprehension. The universe, in its entirety, stands as an eternal entity, forever in the present.
  7. The occurrences within the universe do not exhibit synchronous behavior in their existence. Each occurrence follows its own unique path, with one occurrence undergoing a process of “emptying” while another is simultaneously in the process of “filling.” The concept of the “universe” explored and postulated by scientists pertains to merely one of the countless occurrences embedded within the boundless expanse of the UNIVERSE meticulously fashioned by God. The life cycle of these occurrences perpetually cycles, devoid of a definitive end or beginning, an eternal symphony orchestrated by divine design.
  8. Each occurrence within the cosmic tapestry is separated by unfathomable stretches of space, seemingly appearing as vast realms of emptiness. However, this apparent void, as understood within the realm of science, is far from devoid of substance. The universe, meticulously crafted by the divine hand of God, is a realm brimming with abundance. It pulsates with an intricate interplay of energy, permeating every inch of its vast expanse. Contrary to the prevailing scientific notion, energy itself carries the essence of mass, and it is this very mass that begets the gravitational forces that shape the cosmic dance of celestial bodies. In this awe-inspiring design, the universe stands as a testament to the intricate and harmonious interconnection of energy, mass, and gravity woven together by the divine wisdom of its Creator.
  9. Gravity, with its profound reach, extends its influential grasp across the boundless expanse of the universe, transcending distances and permeating every nook and cranny of cosmic terrain. From the grandest galaxies to the minutest particles, the essence of gravity resides at the core of each celestial body, orchestrating the celestial ballet with masterful precision. Even within the apparent voids of open space, the discerning eye can perceive the subtle traces of gravity’s presence. Energy, like a vibrant current, courses through the cosmic tapestry, infusing it with vitality and purpose.Energy and motion intertwine in a cosmic pas de deux, intimately connected and inseparable. As celestial objects traverse their celestial paths, their graceful movements create ripples in the cosmic fabric, generating vibrations that resonate through the cosmic symphony. From these harmonious vibrations emerges the profound energy that fuels the dance of existence, sustaining the intricate interplay of cosmic forces and shaping the very essence of reality itself. Within this grand cosmic theater, energy and motion unite, coalescing into a magnificent spectacle that showcases the ceaseless creativity and dynamic nature of the universe.

Last Updated on July 7, 2023

Last Updated on July 7, 2023

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