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Why is obedience important?

Obedience leads to respect. Obedience makes covenants work. Obedience makes laws work. Obedience makes rules work. Obedience makes subtle hints or suggestions work. Obedience opens our minds to understand consequences. Obedience even helps make personal relationships work.

Consequential discipline is not possible without obedience. Without discipline, there is no order. For humanity to prosper, there must be order. Without obedience leadership will never work. Discipline allows us to obey the laws in the universe. Obedience tempers our freewill.

How can we teach the “Golden Rule” without obedience? It is impossible.

There is the law of the universe, the standards for humanity and there are rules made up by cultures, races, governments and organizations. As we begin to get wiser we begin to understand the PRINCIPLES and GUIDELINES of universal stewardship which constantly guide us towards doing what is prudent. But in our life’s journey; rules, laws, treaties, agreements and covenants will be broken. Consequences must be exercised and implemented to put things back in order. Without consequences, rarely will humans obey.

Obedience and discipline are two concepts that are wielded by all leaders and teachers both good and bad. 

There is a CAVEAT when it comes to blind obedience. It leads to bondage, enslavement and the lack of development of creative ideas. Obedience is indeed important but it must be tempered with PRUDENCE. When you choose to obey and follow commands without question, the actions you perform as a result may not be your choice, but they are still your responsibility because you chose to obey.

Last Updated on May 21, 2024

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