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Nevada USA

Date of Statehood: October 31, 1864
Capital: Carson City
Population: 2,770,551 (2010)
Size: 110,572 square miles
Nickname(s): Battle-Born State; Sagebrush State; Silver State
Motto: All for Our Country
Tree: Single-Leaf Piñon and Bristlecone Pine
Flower: Sagebrush
Bird: Mountain Bluebird

Carson City

Carson City is the capital city of the state of Nevada.

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Reno, Nevada

Reno : A Brief History: In 1860, Charles Fuller built a log bridge across the Truckee River and charged a fee to those who passed over it on their way to Virginia City and the gold recently discovered there. Fuller also provided gold-seekers with a place to rest, purchase a meal, and exchange information with other prospectors. In 1861, Myron Lake purchased Fuller’s bridge, and with the money from the tolls, bought more land, and constructed a gristmill, livery stable, and kiln. When the Central Pacific Railroad reached Nevada from Sacramento in 1868, Lake made sure that his crossing was included in its path by deeding a portion of his land to Charles Crocker (an organizer of the Central Pacific Railroad Company), who promised to build a depot at Lake’s Crossing. On May 9, 1868, the town site of Reno (named after Civil War General Jesse Reno) was officially established. Lake’s remaining land was divided into lots and auctioned off to businessmen and homebuilders. >>>Read More..>>>

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