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Messy people will always be messy

Messy people do not change. They will always be messy.

The military have trained men and women for many generations and disciplined their personnel to be NEAT. Those who have the natural tendency of being a neat and tidy person, comes out of the military more improved. But those who are messy by nature, go back to their natural state of being messy as soon as they leave the military. Without a superior telling them to be neat. They just do what comes natural, being messy.

Messy people are not automatically slobs. Messy people can be very productive and hardworking. They just can’t help it, they are messy. Do not immediately brand messy people as slobs. There is a big difference. Slobs are messy and lazy people. Slobs are not productive. Slobs are a burden to society. On the other hand, messy people can be some of the best contributors to the prosperity of a society.

Parents, know this. Specially those who are neat and organized. They teach their children alike to be neat, tidy and organized. But there is always someone, that will just not follow the way of the neat.

Is being a messy person embedded in the DNA of an individual? I do not know. But everything seems to be pointing to that direction. So if your partner is a “messy” person, learn to live with his/her ways. Unless he/she is willing to assist you in being neat. Reminding the messy person to be neat will usually lead to arguments. Choose well!

Last Updated on December 31, 2021

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