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Longevity – life expectancy

What is the meaning of LIFE? Life is simple. Life is about living, loving, learning, earning, sharing and ultimately being happy.

Life is good. When we are happy, we want life to continue. When we have our loved ones around us, we also want to be with them. When we have the ability to accomplish and we have goals, we aspire to live a healthy life and to get things done.

I haven’t met a single person who is happy and healthy, who wants to end his/her life. Each of us have a the gnawing need for UNITY, COMMUNICATION and EXPLORATION (three of the basic needs of humanity) and therefore continuity.

We do have a built-in gauge of “acceptance” as to when it is time to say goodbye to our corporeal world. We begin to get fragile and old. For the fortunate ones, they only experience their body deteriorate, but there are those unfortunate ones where the deterioration begins with their minds.

Disciplined lifestyles, science and technology have increased our life expectancy. Let us take advantage of this gift of ever increasing longevity.

As we become the elders of our generation, our obligation should no longer be towards material and intellectual prosperity, but instead it should be towards SPIRITUAL prosperity. It becomes our obligation to uphold the principles of Universal Stewardship. No longer about what religions teach to propagate their membership.

It is time for us , the elders, to gather humanity to fight for human rights, to promote and fight for equality in opportunities for all. The majority of religions and governments do not promote equal rights. Let this fight for human rights be one of our common goals towards spiritual prosperity.

Last Updated on October 10, 2022

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