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When we are alone, we make our own decisions. We choose our path. When we are with others, the superior “will” always takes over. As an individual we can choose to follow or not to follow. Most of the time apprenticeship, economic condition, coercion, submission, or peer pressure makes an individual follow a leader even though it is not to his/her liking.

A relationship, a group, an organization, a community, a business, a nation and humanity can’t exist without leadership. It is one of our intrinsic basic needs. In a relationship or in a small group leadership tends to rotate if prudence is exercised.  However, there is always a bully who will impose his/her will on everybody. The weak who are in “need” of leadership become minions of the bullies.

The basic need of leadership is embraced by all. As humans we always look for direction, guidance, control and management. As a group or a community we may all agree on something, but we always look up to someone to be in-charge, someone to be the leader. The idea of having a leader is embedded in us. When times are tough and there is struggle, obedience comes easy, specially when there is the prospect of prosperity.

All religious writings and scriptures put the salvation of humanity in the hands of a leader.  The battle between good and evil involves leaders.  The battle in the “end of times” or for the “new beginning” revolves around leadership.

Whenever there is conflict or difference of opinion a power struggle ensues. Leadership steps in to settle the situation.

Is leadership involved when people or friends just get together to talk and share? Indeed leadership is involved. Somebody always leads with a topic. There is that quality of leadership in all of us and it revolves around freewill. There are those who choose to lead and many others will choose to follow.

If you have the ability to lead, do so.  It is a gift from God. But do it for the betterment of humanity. Lead them to prosperity and happiness.


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