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Languages of the Universe

An Occurrence in the Universe

We are in an occurrence in the universe.

The languages of the universe are:

  1. Math: The vibrancy of the universe is underpinned by mathematics. It allows us to precisely compute every cosmic movement, cycle, and timing. Mathematics even enables us to predict possible outcomes based on accumulated data, thereby illuminating seemingly random phenomena. This understanding enables us to decipher the scientific principles that govern the universe. As each generation passes, our scientific knowledge accumulates, becoming more precise and voluminous. Mathematics serves as the tool to comprehend this ever-expanding body of knowledge. However, the preservation and security of this knowledge are essential. Without security, our accumulated understanding risks being destroyed or maliciously deprived.
  2. Motion: The universe does not have empty spaces or voids or is ever motionless. It is full of energy. Energy has mass. Mass creates gravity. Gravity keeps the universe in perpetual motion. Motion creates vibrations and vibrations create waves, sound and energy. Mass, gravity, motion, and energy make a singularity called randomness and inadvertently randomness creates chaos . The vibrations or sounds that resonate all around us is the voice that creates the music of the universe. These vibrations, spanning from electromagnetic waves to quantum fluctuations, act as the universe’s connective threads, underlining the inherent unity in our cosmos. In its entirety, from the tiniest particles to the largest cosmic events, the universe is in ceaseless motion.
  3. Art: In its myriad forms – visual, kinetic, or energetic, static or dynamic – perpetually stimulates our exploratory instincts. It is a mirror to nature, reflecting its patterns, colors, and rhythms in a way that resonates with our innate aesthetic sense. This engagement with art, and through it with nature, has a profound therapeutic effect, alleviating internal chaos and imbuing a sense of tranquility. In this way, art serves not only as a medium of expression and exploration but also as a balm for the soul, attesting to the interconnectedness of human creativity, natural beauty, and emotional wellbeing.

There is one phenomenon  in the universe which of course math will help us later utilize, and while scientists are still trying to understand it, that phenomenon is no other than GRAVITY which is directly dependent on mass (visual or not). Gravity sustains all over the universe, even in open space because energy travels though space and occupies everything and energy has mass. The universe as God created it is “FULLY” occupied.

Humanity in the future will be communicating via the languages of the universe. We only need to tackle the elusive language of math to master the science of the universe. Once humanity masters the languages of the universe, humanity will be able to manage randomness and prevent chaos. Super computers can create artificial intelligence to serve humanity’s quests to find the solutions to the mysteries of the universe.

We are already as one through motion and art which help in the development of the soul through “qi” where the eternal energy of the universe touches the soul of the living being. The universe is energy. In the spirit world, energy is one with the soul. The soul flows in this universal energy. The “ki” or “qi” is a but a window into the vastness of God’s creation.

Last Updated on May 12, 2024

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