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Languages of the Universe

An Occurrence in the Universe

We are in an occurrence in the universe.

The languages of the universe are:

  1. Math: The vibrant universe sits on the foundation of math. Every movement can be precisely computed. Math helps us understand the science of the universe. Every generation accumulates more precise knowledge about science. Knowledge becomes more voluminous and math helps us understand.  However, to keep and secure this treasure we need security. Without security, knowledge gets destroyed or someone comes along to deprive.
  2. Motion: The universe does not have empty spaces or voids. It is full of energy. Energy has mass. Mass creates gravity. Gravity keeps the universe in perpetual motion. Motion creates vibrations and vibrations create waves, sound and energy. Mass, gravity, motion, and energy make a singularity called randomness and inadvertently randomness creates chaos . The vibrations or sounds that resonate all around us is the voice that creates the music of the universe. Vibrations link the universe. Vibrations keep us connected. Vibration creates energy which holds the universe and keeps it as one. The universe in its entirety, from the smallest to the biggest is in perpetual motion.
  3. Art: Art (visual or felt dynamic/static energy) forever enhances our sense of exploration. Nature visually speaks to us. It soothes our soul. It helps calm the turmoil in us. 

There is one phenomenon  in the universe which of course math will help us later utilize, and while scientists are still trying to understand it, that phenomenon is no other than GRAVITY which is directly dependent on mass (visual or not). Gravity sustains all over the universe, even in open space because energy travels though space and occupies everything and energy has mass. The universe as God created it is “FULLY” occupied.

Humanity in the future will be communicating via the languages of the universe. We only need to tackle the elusive language of math to master the science of the universe. We are already as one through motion and art which help in the development of the soul through “qi” where the eternal energy of the universe touches the soul of the living being. The universe is energy. In the spirit world, energy is one with the soul. The soul flows in this universal energy. The “ki” or “qi” is a but a window into the vastness of God’s creation.

Last Updated on September 16, 2021

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