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Kindness allows us to share our prosperity, to share our abundance, to share our knowledge, to share our acquisitions and most of all to share the love that is in our heart. Be kind. Kindness allows us to reach out. Kindness is a great way to communicate. Try to be helpful. Try to do something good for yourself and others. Be compassionate. Try not to tease or insult others. Share your abundance and be generous whenever possible.

In order for us to truly be kind to others, we must first be kind to ourselves. We can’t give what we do not have.

You don’t have to be materially rich in order to be kind. You do not have to be materially prosperous in order to be kind. Giving to the needy when you have extra is being rich. When you don’t have enough and you give, that’s not just being kind. You are sharing. You are indeed “rich in spirit”.

Prosperity comes with work, you need focus and determination to follow and realize your goals, hopes and dreams. Hope is inherent in all of us. You can beat a person down but if he has a shred of hope in him, he will stand up and fight. Hope can lead a person to prosperity.

Prosperity is threefold: Material prosperity, Intellectual prosperity, and spiritual prosperity. The acquisition of material and intellectual prosperity does not guarantee us happiness. Reaching for spiritual prosperity touches happiness, it touches love. For humanity to prosper, we must share, we must be involved. Humans are born selfish! Parents and Adults must teach children to share. As you chip away at your “rock of selfishness”, sharing becomes easier. Conversations and relationships become less & less difficult.

Develop what you can but with the attitude of sustainable development for posterity. Harvest the bounty of the world but always let nature return to its living splendor. You are the steward of your body and soul and of this universe. Develop your body, your mind and soul. But never deprive others or this universe in the process of your development. Having the ability to SHARE embedded in our soul: Makes us: generous, kind, helpful, merciful, compassionate, amiable and tender. Be aware of your surroundings, be in tune with the feelings of others, be compassionate and try to alleviate the needy, the suffering, the sorrow and misfortune of others. Sharing makes the universe a better place. Learn to share the cheapest and most abundant human positive commodity, the SMILE.

A smile is irresistible, compelling, persuasive, contagious, and catching. A simple smile can change the life of an individual to help build a kinder and braver universe to fight evil.

Be generous, kind and helpful but never let this be under pressure or coercion from others. Let this come from your heart. Generosity or being helpful must not be a result of an incentive to being rewarded for the “good deed” or to gain “brownie points“. It must not come from bribery to be reciprocated. Give with and from the goodness of your heart without expecting reciprocation or credit. Giving as a result of guilt without atonement is simply a way “buying” personal satisfaction or simply giving for the sake of vanity.

If we have LOVE and RESPECT in our hearts and we are willing to SHARE that love and respect, the good will always triumph over evil.

Note: Do not mistake “lending” for kindness.  The money (object) wasn’t given to you. It was loaned. Kindness was not involved. A contract was involved. You have the obligation to pay back. Do not mistake charity for kindness.

Last Updated on May 20, 2023

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