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Human Rights

We are humans. We have the right to live a happy, prosperous and long life. We have the freedom of choice. We can love whosoever we please. We have the right to our individual privacy. We have the right to individual possessions or ownership of material and intellectual property. We have the right against self-incrimination. An individual who deprives the human rights of another, opens the door for the relinquishment of his/her own basic human rights. No form of government should be able to deprive these rights from us.

Any nation or universal group can embrace any form of government and they will come and go but in order for any form of government to be truly judicious in serving its people, it must embrace these basic human rights.

  • Freedom of speech: It is the inherent right of every individual to express himself or herself without fear of persecution. Your freedom to say what you want to say must be managed with prudence. Your freedom of speech does not give you the right to insult others. Your speech must never disrespect others. Proclaim the truth when it is beneficial.
  • Freedom of choice: Your freedom of choice must always be tempered with reason. Your freedom of choice must never deprive others of what is rightfully theirs. Our freedom to love, to chose who we love, and who to unite with or marry can never be taken away from us. To “be all that you can be” is about the freedom of choice. Our inherent desire to create or rightfully earn to possess must never be taken away from us. However, its execution may be deprived from us by the people in power who hide behind the shield of greed and bigotry.
  • The right to the 12 basic needs of humanity.

We all have to follow the commanding rules of society for peace, tranquility, and equal rights. Human rights must never be confused with human privileges. Human Rights are inherent while privileges are earned.

There are still countries, cultures and societies who continue to adhere to their old values, customs and traditions which were formulated by powerful “MEN”. Men who deemed themselves to be superior to women and sometimes superior to the inherent right of the “freedom of speech” and the “the freedom of choice”. These men formulated their rules to fit their needs and condemned those who didn’t fit the mold.

Many push for equality. Do not confuse the treatment of the citizens by governments with personal treatment.

We always want equality and fairness (equity) yet we do not exercise those in our daily lives. Let us not put the responsibility of equality on the individual. Because it will not happen. Each individual will always be different from the other. We are not alike. The responsibility to treat others equally is that of governments. However, fairness (equity) is largely a personal responsibility. To achieve equity and equality, prudence must be exercised.

Last Updated on August 21, 2020

Every community, society or government has its set rules and guidelines meant to serve and protect the people. These rules and guidelines are man-made and as the community, society or government evolves, changes must be made to conform or strengthen the rules and guidelines. These changes must be accomplished peacefully and in a reasonable manner.

The five basic guidelines of Universal stewardship must always be adhered to.

Religions of the world are supposed to champion, advocate and promote “Human Rights”. About 80% of the population of the world are followers of some sort of religion. From childhood, 80% of the population of the world are taught by their religion subliminally that men are better than women, that women are inferior to men. Religions make rules specifically for women and men are exempt from these rules. Just one example: Head coverings: Women are made to wear head coverings. Some religions even go to the extreme of punishing women for not wearing head coverings in public. Children grow up brainwashed into believing this “man-made” rules. The core issue of women’s rights starts with religion. These are the same men and women who have been taught since childhood that men have more privileges. These same women grow up to be receptive to men’s aggressiveness. So when these women challenge these established concepts, they are confronted with a solid brick wall. This 80% of the population must be RE-EDUCATED with the principles of universal stewardship.

Every human being has the right to these basic needs:

✅ 1. Sustenance: the air we breath, food, water, a source of strength, nourishment and universal energy. >> more…
✅ 2. Shelter: A sanctuary. Protection from the elements and from danger. A refuge.
✅ 3. Security: Protecting oneself and family. Method of guarding our community, its assets and equity . Protection from predators, from plunderers, from thieves, from bullies and those who deprive. Protection from natural disasters. Security guarantees survival. There is no security in weakness. Security sustains prosperity. >> more…
✅ 4. Energy: resource for the maintenance of warmth, comfort, activities for continued progress and prosperity.  >> more…
✅ 5. Healthcare: The weak, the injured, the sick, and the elderly must be cared for.  
✅ 6. Unity: Man needs to belong. Man needs a family. Man has a need for companionship, community, cooperation and camaraderie. Man has a need to bond and stay connected, we need relationships. We are happier when we are in a good relationship. We are healthier when we are in a good relationship. Humans deteriorate when we do not communicate, we fall apart when we are not united, we easily get sick when we are not in a prosperous relationship. Unity helps build the path to self-realization. Unity helps build trust. The inability to connect causes narcissism, it causes loneliness, it may even cause suicide. Unity demands love. Unity needs respect. Most of all humanity needs unity with God.
✅ 7. Propagation: Sexual Pleasure and Continuity of humanity. We get pleasure in helping create the next generation. Without propagation, we face extinction.
✅ 8. Leadership: As humans we always look for direction, guidance, control and management. As a group or a community we may all agree on something, but we always look up to someone to be in-charge, someone to be the leader. A community or a group of people can’t be united without leadership.
✅ 9. Education: Learn from your surroundings or environment. The sharing of knowledge is a must for the continuity of prosperity. To acquire and maintain sustenance, shelter, energy, security, and healthcare the community must share its knowledge through INFORMATION dissemination or education. Education nurtures innovation, science and technology. >> More..
✅ 10. Communication: We need interaction. We need cooperation. We need understanding. In order for us to interact, cooperate or understand we need to communicate. Communication allows us to exercise prudence.
✅ 11. Exploration: We are instinctively curious of the unknown. We pursue it. We question our own existence, the universe and we even question the existence of God. At the end of every quest, we embark on another. For every answer, we tinker with another question.
✅ 12. Happiness: We search for pleasure, fulfillment and for happiness. The need for enjoyment, amusement, entertainment, self-gratification, self-esteem, fun, happiness and contentment will always be sought for by humans. We get pleasure from achieving our goals.

Nobody has the right to deprive another human being from these basic needs.

Last Updated on August 21, 2020

Our basic right to Security ranks up there with sustenance, shelter and propagation. During simple times when weapons of mass destruction and guns were not yet invented, it was with pride that every household possessed weapons; weapons that can defend, keep the peace, commit crime or whatever the user may want his weapon to be used for. As civilization prospered and got more sophisticated, governance decided to control the number and types of weapons possessed by their citizens.

Government became in charge of security and the responsibility for securing the peace in the community became the responsibility of the government. This is a good thing because security guarantees survival. There is no security in weakness. Security sustains prosperity.

However, government does not want the citizens to possess lethal weapons. So rules and laws were created to justify this demand from the government. When crimes were committed with the use of lethal weapons, the argument for the disarmament of the citizens became stronger. Laws and rules and the enforcement thereof where always based on the criminal actions of the few demented people who are bullies and do not value respect and kindness. Violence always begets violence. There is always retaliation. The reaction of the government is always the same: “disarmament”. But this is not the answer. The answer is in the behavior of humans.

We need to embrace respect and kindness. Parents must teach this. The school system must teach this. Government must embrace this. Security is the right of every individual. It is not an inherent government right, it is an inherent individual human right. It must never be taken away from him.

Last Updated on August 21, 2020