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Heaven or Hell

“Heaven” or “Hell” as depicted in books are not permanent destinations. Can’t fool God. In the corporeal realm, bullies and malicious deprivers get away with greed and destruction. There is no “hell” as a permanent destination for the damned, the greedy, the vain or those with destructive behaviors. There is no “heaven” as a permanent destination for the prudent, the just or the saintly. The quest for heaven, has that little ingredient of greed. There is ACCOUNTABILITY.

God is not about the eternal damnation or punishment in hell, and neither is he about the eternal reward of heaven. He is about accountability in terms of privileges. God is about serenity and love and the everlasting opportunity to belong and be “more”. God simply wants us to live our eternal life (corporeal and spiritual), to respect, to share, to love, to prosper and to be happy.”

Last Updated on September 27, 2021

In the spirit world, accountability is the key, there are merits and demerits. There is no “judgment day. There is no time of “revelation”. Merits and demerits are automatic and instantaneous.

We all have “regrets” and for those who regret but never really have the willingness to apologize and do the atonement, God grants them their wish for a do over in a “virtual” scenario in the spirit world. The do over can loop for many eons depending on the willingness to make true apology. This is where accountability makes a reckoning.

An “angel” in “heaven” can fall and a “devil” in “hell” can rise, depending on choices made. We are the stewards of the universe.

Last Updated on September 27, 2021

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