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Without a healthy body we as humans won’t be able to achieve our basic needs.

Nourish the body with healthy foods. Keep the body and mind active at all times. A lethargic mind and body deteriorates quickly.

We all get old and we all get sick. Let this be the course of nature and let us not be our own body and mind destroyer by consuming unhealthy foods and engaging in acts of deprivation.

God did not design our bodies to be weak. He designed it so we can prosper and be happy in this corporeal state.

Individually we are responsible for the health of our own body. Each family is responsible to care for their sick, weak and the elderly. But in a society, the organization or government should be responsible to care for their members or citizens since the organization or government won’t be able to prosper without healthy people.

Last Updated on September 26, 2020

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