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Head Start – Living is not a race

Living is not a RACE. There is no such thing as a “head start” to Live, Love, Learn, Teach, Share and be happy. Opportunities in life are not found in a linear path. Opportunities are all around us. You can be way behind and still get the best opportunity in life. Learn from the experiences of others. Learn the lessons of history and not just the events. Do not blame the past for where you are still standing. Move on and improve. We are humans. We have the freedom of Choice. Choose to communicate, choose to improve, choose to be part of someone, choose to accept people’s kindness. Choose to learn from history to be better and not bitter.

Choose to succeed. Everyday, ask yourself “what do you want?”, then go for it. Don’t give up hope. Do not crawl into the pit of apathy.

Nobody will contradict the fact that each of our starting point is not by our own choice. But as you grow and learn, you can exercise your God given ability to choose. Choose the path that will be more advantageous to your growth, prosperity and happiness and most of all choose your companions well. This will determine how your journey will be and whether or not you will attain your goals. Many times choosing only what you like brings only failures. So you must always exercise prudence.

Sometimes a bully can stand in your way, then just trying to reach for and believing in your goals are no longer enough, you must fight for your goals. Most of the times the bully is not the problem. It is your perception and attitude. Do not let failure brand you, let it be a teacher. Own your mistakes and move on. Latch on to examples of successes, then go make your own. Remember that story of “The Little Engine That Could”? Work for your goals. Take “baby steps” towards success. Be an optimist.

Focus on the good, focus on prosperity and most of all focus on sharing your prosperity. Continue to live, love, learn, teach, share, be happy and be the stewards of the universe. Continue to explore.

All over the world, there are those who preach that the world is coming to an end because of all its evil deeds. They preach for the preparation towards the salvation from damnation. They point out all the negative things going on around the world. The fact of the matter is, humanity is getting better each day. We are just more aware of what is going on around us

Take slavery as an example. All over the world slavery was once a common practice. It was accepted as a form of business. As humanity progressed, slavery was gradually wiped out. Humanity is getting better each day.

Always practice the guidelines and principles of universal stewardship at home, in your community and teach it in schools so hopefully it will trickle down to the government. It starts with you. The opportunities are there. It is not about the “head start”, it is about your choices.

Last Updated on October 18, 2021

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