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Gun control

It is not about guns. It is about control. It is not about the instrument. It is about the control of the use of the instrument. Of course there must exist certain rules and regulations that must be followed when it comes to guns. Every society has their own forms of rules and regulations. But some will take this to the max and prevent the individual from owning a gun to protect himself/herself or family.

The instrument (gun) does not do the killing. The individual does. But people in power use the bad behavior of the very few to deprive the rights of the vast majority to own guns. They are quick to the draw to pass laws preventing the law abiding from owning guns. Bear in mind that the outlaws do not care about the rules and regulations. So while these laws strip the good from having the right to defend themselves the bullies and outlaws will continue to own guns and maliciously deprive the lives of others.

SECURITY is one of the basic rights of humanity. This must never be taken away from the individual.

Sometimes being thankful or grateful is not enough. But one does not have to return in kind what has been received to the same person giving. Reciprocation can be exercised by simply “giving or paying forward”.

Bullies will continue to multiply exponentially without proper education. From Kindergarten to High School, the values of respect, kindness and reciprocity must always and repeatedly taught.

Teach that respect is not to be expected. That it should be given. Respect is to be earned only if lost once given. Teach and repeat over and over that kindness is part of humanity. Teach them to appreciate kindness.

Be kind but don’t expect kindness. Give respect but don’t expect respect. Reciprocate (be thankful) but do not expect reciprocation.

We are missing the teaching of these three simple things in our families, school and in our society.

Last Updated on May 30, 2022

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