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Appreciate what you have and never take others for granted. When someone gives you a helping hand or when someone is kind to you, be grateful. If you are having a great day and you are happy, be grateful. If you have a good job be grateful. If your business is prospering, be grateful. If your family is healthy, happy and prosperous, be grateful.

Expression of gratitude may seem common and sometimes uttered almost automatically. Like the “thank you” as a polite pleasantry. True gratitude is the reciprocation of kindness. It is giving back. You may not be able to give back to the person who was kind to you, but you can pass forward your reciprocation.  When you give or when you are being compassionate, kind or generous, do not ever expect reciprocation. It is not prudent to expect reciprocation for your kindness. God knows your good deeds.

Kindness does not come with a covenant. It is a one-way street. It comes from your heart. Be grateful but never expect others to be grateful towards you. Do not expect gratitude from others. It is an uncomfortable feeling, knowing that your generosity or kindness is not being reciprocated with gratitude, while you are always grateful for the generosities that you receive.

Smile inwardly. This is when you let positive thinking overcome the negative. Disappointment comes to those who EXPECT reciprocation and gratitude, because vanity always expects a compliment or reward. Vanity thrives on praises, applause, and reciprocation.

Apologize for your inconsistencies or failures but do not ever fail to thank the other person for tolerating you or for being patient with you.

At meal time quietly pray and give thanks 3 times. First to God, second to the person providing the food, third to the people who grew or produced the food. Always be grateful for your life.

When you were simply trying to survive, people were kind to you. Be grateful. When you were trying to build security around you, people were kind to you. Be grateful. When you were building your prosperity, people were kind to you. Be grateful.

Never fail to say thank you. Learn how to make people feel good. Be grateful now, rather than feel the sorrow or regret that you never took the opportunity to say “THANK YOU”.

Be grateful for the people around you. They keep you company. They give you something to think about. Be grateful for your life. If you can speak, be grateful. If you can walk be grateful. If you are in a wheelchair, be grateful that you have one. Be grateful for ALL the positive things in your life. Learn to be grateful by giving back.

Be grateful for the land you live in. Be grate for the security of the nation you are in. Be grateful that you have been allowed in the country as a worker, an immigrant, or as a refugee. Remember that you left your country for something better or to better your life.

Gratitude allows you to focus on the good things that you have rather than on what you crave for. Gratitude changes your perception.

If you want to thank God for your health and prosperity; thank him by helping yourself become better, thank him by helping others and sharing your love, knowledge, abundance and prosperity. Thank God for the abundance in our agriculture by giving back to the land, sea and air. Keep mother earth sustainable. Be grateful by recycling and not being wasteful. Never deprive.

Last Updated on January 13, 2022

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