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Government must have no emotions

Government[1] must be and always be of the people, by the people and for the people. Government[1]  unifies the people under law. These people are the citizens and legal residents of the country which is governed. A “government” is a possession of the people. It is an instrument. It can be used to mold or destroy. It can be manipulated. It has no feelings. It has no compassion. It feels no pity. It has a set of rules, laws and its constitution. The people elected to run or wield this powerful unemotional instrument must follow the set of rules laid down and never let their personal emotions get in the way.

A government[1] is created to protect the possessions (physical and intellectual) of the people inside the domain and each of their individual human rights to pursue prosperity and happiness. The government[1] will protect the human rights and possessions of its citizens and legal residents from the malicious deprivers from within (insiders) and without (outsiders). The human rights of people outside the government[1] will be upheld but it will never be its obligation to protect their rights.

Other governments may have internal problems. But that’s it. It is their problem. They must be left alone. They may have some human rights violation therein, but this government[1] must never interfere without first exercising prudence. However, this government[1] must never let the tentacles of that other government touch the entity of this government[1] . If inadvertently, legal residents, citizens and business establishments of this government[1]  are already involved in that country whose leader has no respect for human rights, that country will be warned and consequences will be laid out for not respecting human rights.

The duty of the government[1] will always be to protect its property, possessions, citizens and legal residents first, everyone else comes second and only if they form an alliance with “quid pro quo” not to the leaders but to the nation who seeks the help or alliance. It is the duty of government[1] to provide free healthcare and education to its people. Healthy and educated legal residents and citizens give prosperity to the nation. Without them the country won’t stand a chance to protect itself and prosper. Government[1] must always strive to improve upon what it has. Always striving to improve its system of security so no other nations or organizations  can attempt to undermine it or conquer it from within or without.

The government[1] must always protect its borders. However, it should always welcome immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers after proper vetting is done. For the influx of refugees, it will maintain immigration processing camps. Those who comply will be allowed residence and those who fail the vetting or who complain about the process will be sent back to their country.

Last Updated on January 7, 2022

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