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Funding, money and resources

“You don’t need money (funding or resources) to be happy!” Ahhhh! It’s a statement often discussed and written about, and for a fleeting moment, it feels so true. But then reality sets in…

People often talk about how life is more important than money, but they fail to ask themselves how they meet their basic needs such as food, information, and shelter in today’s world. Without funding, survival becomes a day-to-day struggle, and even hope can feel like a distant dream.

While there are indeed many things that money cannot buy, it is important not to completely dismiss the significance of money. Rather than solely focusing on what money cannot purchase, let us shift our attention to teaching and discussing qualities such as manners, love, and building character. By emphasizing the positive aspects, we can encourage personal growth and development. It is crucial not to equate wealth with a person’s character. Just because we may encounter a wealthy individual who exhibits rudeness, it does not imply that money alone has shaped their personality. In reality, such behavior is more likely a reflection of their inherent disposition, irrespective of their financial status. Let us not allow our judgment of an individual to be solely influenced by their material possessions.

Regrettably, in our society and government, we often observe a decline in our rights and influence as our access to funding diminishes. This is an unfortunate reality that we must address and work towards rectifying. It is crucial to advocate for a system where individuals’ rights are safeguarded regardless of their financial resources. By promoting equality and fairness, we can strive for a society where influence and funding do not determine the extent of our rights and liberties.

Rewards seldom come immediately but you must stay focused, focus will determine your reality. You will always hear sayings about what money can’t get for you. Undeniably that is true. But nothing in this world can be accomplished without funding or trade. Even dying for a cause or being a martyr may not require money, but promoting the cause and ensuring its longevity does. Without anybody promoting what you died for means that you will soon be forgotten. 😭

The pursuit of prosperity should not be misconstrued as an infatuation with money. It is essential to recognize the role of funding in supporting the growth and sustainability of religions. Examples abound, such as the reliance of Islam and Christianity on funding to cater to their followers’ needs. Even revered figures like Jesus Christ and Mohammad recognized the importance of financial resources in fulfilling their respective missions. Moreover, churches and charitable organizations depend on funding to carry out their essential work. Money serves a broader purpose beyond religious contexts—it facilitates trade, enables survival, and brings dreams and aspirations to fruition. It is worth acknowledging that individuals from all walks of life, irrespective of their economic status, require funding to meet their needs and aspirations.


However, it’s important not to idolize the wealthy out of envy. Instead, we should learn from them while remaining true to ourselves and our values. We should strive for a better perception of our surroundings and pursue financial success without resorting to deceit or harm. When we do achieve prosperity, it’s essential to share our blessings and maintain love for our families.

Funding has the power to bring about positive change. It allows us to address hunger, homelessness, and healthcare needs. It also amplifies influence and can be used for both constructive and destructive purposes. If we observe closely, we’ll realize that most human activities are sparked by funding in some way.

While the saying “the love of money is the root of all evil” may not hold true in its literal sense, it reminds us that greed and vanity can lead to harmful consequences.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that without funding or resources, we wouldn’t have the means to read this message or access knowledge from the past. Even ancient scrolls, books, and cave paintings required resources to exist.

Therefore, it’s important to be loyal to our sources of funding. If we find ourselves dissatisfied with our current job, it’s wise to consider the practical implications before quitting. We need to think about how we will provide for our families and meet our basic needs without jeopardizing our stability. Loyalty to our funding doesn’t imply complacency but encourages us to secure alternative sources before making major changes.

By emphasizing the importance of responsible financial management, loyalty to funding, and the positive impact it can have, we can foster a society that combines prosperity with compassion and charity.

Last Updated on June 2, 2023

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