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Funding, money and resources

“You don’t need money (funding or resources) to be happy!” Ahhhh!! People talk about it. Books have been written about it.  So we believe and for a fleeting moment it feels so true, then reality sets in…..

People talk about how life is more important than funding. Yet fail to ask themselves as to how they put food on the table these days, how they get informed, or how they get shelter. They fail to ask themselves as to how they get their basic needs. Without funding, one barely survives. It becomes a life of a day to day living for survival. Even hope becomes only a dream.

Indeed there are many things that money can’t buy. That doesn’t mean that you should avoid money.  They say that you can’t buy manners, love, character, etc. etc.. Instead of talking about what money can’t buy, why not teach and talk about manners, love, or about building character. Focus on the positive. Just because you see a rude rich man, it does not mean that money did not buy him a good personality. More than likely that man would behave rudely whether he was rich or poor. Do not let your perception of the man define the material things that surround him.

It is unfortunate that in our society and government, our rights diminish as our influence and funding decreases.

Rewards seldom come immediately but you must stay focused, focus will determine your reality. You will always hear sayings about what money can’t get for you. Undeniably that is true. But nothing in this world can be accomplished without funding or trade. Dying for a cause or being a martyr may not cost you any money but promoting the martyrdom definitely will. Without anybody promoting what you died for means that you will soon be forgotten. 😭

The quest for prosperity does not mean the love of money. Without money(funding), the religion of Islam will be defunct. Without money Mohammad couldn’t have gathered his people around him. Christianity would be in the same boat. Even Jesus Christ needed funding to feed his followers. The same is true with all other religions. The Catholic, Mormon, Lutheran churches can’t exist without funding. Even the beggars need funding.

Money (FUNDING) allows us to trade. It allows us to SURVIVE and makes our dreams (goals) come true. People with wealth, health, education and influence can achieve their goals. Do not put down the rich just because you are jealous. Learn from them but do not be like them. Be yourself. Get a better perception of your surroundings. So, go out there and make money. Don’t be a leach. However, when you do go for the money, never Deprive, Insult or Cheat. When you have prospered and have abundance, please SHARE and always LOVE your family and be HAPPY. In our quest for prosperity we need to be responsible with charity and compassion in our demeanor.

Last Updated on November 9, 2021

Funding allows us to make changes. Funding allows the hungry to be fed. Funding allows the homeless to be sheltered. Funding allows the sick to get the proper care. Funding strengthens influence. Funding can be used for the negative or positive. Look around you. Are there any human activities happening without funding? If you really look hard, you might think that you can find one , but if you look harder, you will find out that the activity was sparked with funding.

The saying “the love of money is the root of all evil” is not true. “Loving” is never bad. However, GREED is. And when combined with VANITY, it festers.

Without funding (resources), you won’t be able to read this message. All the scrolls, books and even the paintings on the walls of caves millenniums ago required funding (resources).

So, be loyal to your funding. If you have a job and you hate it or don’t feel like doing it anymore, before you quit, think about your funding. Where will you get the money or resources to feed your family or pay for your shelter? Do not let VANITY get in the way. Always find another source of funding before you bail out on the current one. Be loyal to your funding.

Last Updated on November 9, 2021

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