God gave us freewill. He gave us the universe and his guardians to guide us. He gave us no commandments. He gave us resources. He gave us hints or guidance (some call this revelation or prophecy). He wanted to share his freewill. He does not mandate our obedience. He lovingly gave us the ability to CHOOSE. He gave it to us kindly, with only one string attached; Accountability.

Within this universe God created a LIFE force, spiritual and corporeal (some with emotion) and along with this came Freewill. Everything that God has created can be destroyed, only two things will remain unimpaired: Time and Freewill. Freewill and emotion are two powerful forces in this universe which nourishes and destroys.

Free will is the gift from God. This is what helps make the unpredictability of the universe manageable. Freewill is what makes the universe fascinating. Freewill destroys the notion of seeing the future. Everything is in the present. Nobody can change the past. Nobody can visit or see the future. The future is simply variables of probabilities that hinge on randomness and free will within the present. The future out there in the galaxies where the freewill is not involved depends solely on randomness.

“Randomness is inherent in the universe. Force and gravity partake in the randomness within the universe. Randomness is uncontrollable. Science will later make it manageable but never stoppable.”

Religions write about prophecies (what is to come), revelation or about the “End of times”, “Armageddon”, “Judgment day”, “New beginning”. Many believe them to be true. They believe in destiny, in predestination yet they also believe in “freewill”. Now that is contradictory.

A prediction for one’s action may come true unless deterred by randomness or the “freewill” of another. Since freewill is an unchanging factor in the universe, therefore there is no predestination. However, the enlightened (good or bad) spirit who can wield the energy of the corporeal and spirit world may reveal their intentions to sentient beings and make it so to be passed on down as “prophecy” or “revelation”. Powerful they may be to cause their will (intention) to be materialized in the future, but it remains only as a possibility because the “freewill” of another powerful spirit may interfere. Freewill and Randomness will forever be there to change things up.

Also there is no “OMNISCIENCE” (know everything including the future). God is attributed with absolute omniscience by all religions. God’s absolute power to do and create whatever he “wills” is confused with omniscience. There is no future to “see” but there is a future to be created. The will of God can plan (“predict”) that a galaxy will be created because he will make it so. The galaxy “was” not there in the future. It was not there to be seen.

When God gave his sentient creations “Freewill”, he gave it without limitation. Freewill and randomness are the unknown factors. God can control and manage randomness but not the freewill of his creations. He can destroy “freewill” and take it all away from his creations, but God created perfection so he will not take “freewill” away. Without “freewill” there is no perfection.

The choices you make every day involves your freewill. It is not God’s choice, although he is always there for you.

  • Your simple choice to push forward to attain your goal(s) is your choice.
  • When you feel like giving up, choose not to. Not because someone will do it for you, but because God gave you the ability to succeed and He and his helpers are there to help you see it through. However, there is one factor that many seem to forget and that is this: You must choose and do it.



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