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Focus will determine your reality

Why is there a need to focus? Focus requires us to pay attention to the specific. When we focus, all our senses are concentrated into one objectivity, activity or something we want to accomplish. Our mind is created to embrace what we perceive or think of at any moment. That is how our mind works. However, undisciplined focus can lead to obsession.

The recruiting slogan of the US army, “Be All That You Can Be” which is also true to life, can only be accomplished if focus is practiced. Depending on each God‘s given talent, we can accomplish what we put our minds into. Anyone who thinks of the negative while trying to accomplish something will most likely fail. Because if you think about it, your mind will embrace it and redirects you efforts to failure.

It is easy to say, “be positive”. But we are creatures of anxiety and have been exposed to negativity in our lives. So the discipline of focus is the laser beam that cuts through anxiety’s chain of bondage.

Last Updated on April 1, 2023

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