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Fear: Defined as being afraid of someone, something or a consequence.

Fear is a learned emotion caused by physical or mental pain or stress in the past due to the loss of life, dignity, affection, communication, possessions, access, or privileges.

Fear when properly managed or learned from, builds a strong personality and character. On the other hand when left unchecked, it can cause phobias and/or dangerous reckless behaviors. Fear can create mindless followers by the constant reminder of negative consequences.

Parents, teachers and leaders wield the power of fear in their teachings. Fear does not exists. It is the figment of the imagination. Do not mistake fear for danger. Danger is real, fear is an imaginary reality of emotion. Be aware of the danger and use good judgement to avoid it.

Fear of severe consequences for those who misbehave, cheat, insult or maliciously deprive others works wonders for the good. Fear of severe consequences is indeed a good teacher. It is important for children to understand fear and for parents and guardians to manipulate fear. But fear should never be capitalized for the manipulation of OBEDIENCE, loyalty or to turn mature people into mindless minions and do things against their better judgement.

Last Updated on May 2, 2023

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