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Exploration is one of our most intriguing basic needs. We are instinctively curious of the unknown. We pursue it. We question our own existence, the universe and we even question the existence of God. At the end of every quest, we embark on another. For every answer, we tinker with another question.

We have dreams. We have goals. We always look at the horizon and beyond. We look at the stars and wonder what is up there. When we see caves, we instinctively want to explore inside. We want to sail the oceans and dive deep down to learn more. When volcanoes erupt or earthquakes shake our foundation, we want to know why. We just do not accept the storms or the wrath of mother nature. We study and always try to understand the cause of the chaos. We see the spark of lightning, it tickles our mind to find the source of that energy and maybe utilize it. Our minds wonder, we aspire, we have ambitions, we hope, always on a quest for a solution for any problem that comes along.

Rarely will anyone stay in one place. We wander. We are always on the move. So we explore. But for exploration to succeed we need a way to move, we need the power, the propulsion to move forward. When we were without the aid of technology, we relied on our body and later on the beasts that we can tame to explore. With technology we created powerful propulsion to help us move forward, faster and farther. Advanced propulsion systems will always help us explore what is beyond.

Those who do not have the unquenchable desire for exploration believe that we are all earthbound and therefore they embrace the idea of “armageddon”, “end of times”, or the “apocalypse”. Our basic need for exploration, debunks the bible’s book of revelation.

Last Updated on May 30, 2022

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