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Haven’t you heard older people say, “you are special, you are unique”, then later say that we are all equal? Contradictory isn’t it?
Are we all equal? No we are not.  Each of us is a unique individual with our own God given talents and we all react differently. Our perceptions are different.

What makes us different? There are some obvious things such as size, color, race and gender that make us different. Then there is that inherent ability to get things done vs those who just want to pass the time away. Nobody is born with the same “character”. Equality does not make character. We build character. Our freedom of choice makes us who we are. We all have the ability to lead but only very few can actually lead a group of people. We all have ambitions, but very few have the ability to follow through.

You hear, “We are all created equal.” This is true only as far as our human rights to achieve our 12 basic needs are concerned. Other than these, we are all different and are not equal.

Accept that life is not fair or that everybody is NOT treated equally. You yourself do not treat everybody equally. You have your own favorites. Rise above all your bitterness, complaints and failures and stay focused on making your life better while never maliciously depriving others.

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