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Do not Cheat. Do not Insult. Love but never deprive, share and be balanced and you will be ENLIGHTENED.

Love is the ultimate miracle word. It is the “cure-all”. This leads to inner peace and enlightenment. This is a very elusive goal.

Love is instinctive. Every soul embraces love. However, instinctive love is limited. Rarely does it go beyond self, a friend, a loved one or family.

Love for others (strangers, country, the environment, and the universe) must be taught, this type of love must be learned. It is philosophically embraced by most people but rarely acted upon.

All over the world, you will hear great leaders, guardians, parents, pastors, priests, imams and wise-men preach about the fear of God, about love, about tolerance and about kindness to attain peace. For thousands of years this same “routine” is laid out at homes, places of worship and institutions of learning. But the “routine” of preaching love, tolerance and kindness hasn’t achieved the desired “peace on earth and goodwill to men”.

Love is still the ultimate key. But as explained previously, instinctive love is limited. Guiding instinctive love towards universal love is a must but so few are taking the correct path towards it. The switch must be made universally. Start by teaching respect and emphasize on the GIVING of respect rather than on expecting respect or teaching that respect must be earned. From this juncture work towards kindness, universal love and enlightenment. Parents, teachers, and leaders must start teaching CORU (care, openness, respect and understanding).

The greatest force that keeps us in darkness is cheating or deception. We lie. Then we begin to believe in our own lies. The first step to enlightenment is to stop lying to ourselves. By accepting our past, we accept the truth. Learn from the past(truth), this will allow us to know and respect ourselves and bring us closer to enlightenment. The enlightened person has inner peace. He is at peace with the universe.

The power of the universe can be tapped by every man through Qi (Chi or Ki). Train and prepare yourselves not to be “accepted” but to be as one with the universe. Live your eternal life (corporeal and spiritual), love, share, prosper and be happy.

Last Updated on January 26, 2023

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