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The universe does not have empty spaces or voids. It is full of energy. Energy has mass. Mass creates gravity. Gravity keeps the universe in perpetual motion. Motion creates vibrations and vibrations create waves, sound and energy. Mass, gravity, motion, and energy make a singularity called randomness and inadvertently randomness creates chaos .

The vibrations or sounds that resonate all around us is the voice that creates the music of the universe. Vibrations link the universe. Vibrations keep us connected. Vibration creates energy which holds the universe and keeps it as one. The universe in its entirety, from the smallest to the biggest is in perpetual motion. This continues ad infinitum.

Without energy, there is no humanity. We exist because of energy. Energy sustains us.

Since primitive times humans needed energy. Sustenance gave us energy to survive and build our shelters. Energy provided us with the much needed heat to sustain the colder seasons. Energy made our food taste better. We have been at this quest to find better ways to master energy. Every generation we come up with newer solutions. In time we will master the languages of the universe, and the mastery over energy.

Last Updated on April 6, 2023

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