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Education shapes our lives. We can’t achieve or sustain prosperity without education. A child can’t begin to communicate properly without education. Proper interactions between individuals can’t be exercised without education.

We must all learn from our surroundings or environment. The sharing of knowledge is a must for the continuity of prosperity. To acquire and maintain sustenance, shelter, energy, security, and healthcare the community must share its knowledge through INFORMATION dissemination or education. Good education nurtures innovation, science, technology and improves human behavior.

A nation can abruptly change within one generation by simply making a change in its educational system.

A country or society can’t change the facts of science and technology, hence it continues to prosper and new beneficial discoveries are made. Fake claims are easily discarded. On the other hand a country or society can twist the story line of history and teach lies and have all future generations believing in those lies. Manipulation of human behavior can be done through education. An educational system can’t teach lies about science and technology but every generation has an educational system that teaches prejudice and bias. Hence, the development of the behavior of humanity is in a roller coaster mode.

We need an educational system that embraces the principles of universal stewardship.


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