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Most of the negative things that happen to us and around us can be attributed to disconnection.

  • Poverty: Disconnection certainly creates and maintains poverty.

    Our lives are revolved around people and our environment. We want and actually crave to stay connected. The social media, newspapers, radio, television, entertainment industry, schools, organizations, religions and governments all exist to keep people connected. We crave connectivity. It enhances our lives and most of the time brightens our day.

    Being connected allows an individual to properly trade. Trading gives an individual the ability to get funding. Without funding we can’t survive. Connection leads to security and prosperity.

    The security and prosperity of every creature on earth is based on the ability to bond and stay connected. Disconnection leads to so many negative results. Poverty and death (suicide and starvation) are the most prominent negative effects. Most people lose hope when they are disconnected. Nations and organizations fall apart when disconnection sets in.

    Do not underestimate the power of a handshake, an eye-contact or a casual conversation. These are the building blocks of a powerful relationship. God created us. He did not create you to be alone. He created you to be with us. Anyone can climb out of the pit of poverty if he/she grabs onto the lifeline of relationships.

  • Loneliness: The first effect of separation or disconnection is loneliness. Being alone or on your own does not mean that your are automatically disconnected from humanity or your loved ones. Being alone sometimes is a choice that makes a person happy. This is not loneliness. When you crave for a conversation or a touch and there is nobody there to fill this need, that’s when the feeling of loneliness sets in.
  • Anxiety: Once a person feels disconnected anxiety begins to set in and when left uncontrolled leads to a panic attack. These symptoms or effects can be readily observed in young children once separated from the adult who cares for them. This can also be observed in pets when separated from their master.
  • Depression, Separation : The most important connection that many people take for granted is the connection with family. Most of us need support. We can get support from friends, peers and organizations but there is nothing stronger than the support from family. However, a family can’t support us if we are disconnected. Vanity, greed, lack of care, and the unwillingness to apologize and forgive break and keep families apart.

    Try to be nice. Being nice is like having a magnet towards goodness, great relationships and opportunities to prosperity.

  • Death of a loved one, family or friend causes disconnection and enhances depression. Disputes and conflicts contributes to disconnection and can lead to depression. Being alone and disconnected from people can cause depression.
  • War: Alliances are lost. Countries continue to be at war with each other because of disconnection. The attitude is that of “its them against us”.
  • Violence: Physical, emotional or sexual abuse will lead to disconnection. It is easy to attack or inflict harm on another when there is no connection or care for the other. It is easy to be vindictive when one doesn’t care for the other.
  • Cheating: This is one of the quickest way to break a great relationship.
  • Disrespect: Show disrespect and there is almost an instantaneous disconnection.
  • Being an Introvert/Extrovert: The extreme of either one is a clear sign of disconnection. We are born to be social creatures. Created to relate with others. It is not healthy to dominate in a relationship and neither is it to avoid relationships.
  • Malicious deprivation will always lead to disconnection. Maliciously depriving others and oneself is the ultimate cause of disconnection.


Last Updated on February 16, 2023

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