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All the negatives in human behavior can be attributed to malicious deprivation. To maliciously deprive is to take away, remove, deny, keep away, withhold from the enjoyment or possession. Malicious deprivation of life, communication, freedom, education, food, shelter, (basic needs), dignity, etc… When an individual is denied of certain privileges, not because he or she has done something wrong but because his/her culture or society simply dictates it, is a form of deprivation.

When governments restrict your freedom of movement and education it is a form of deprivation. When they fabricate reasons for the curtailment of your basic need to explore and communicate, it is a form of deprivation. When your basic need of education and exploration are deprived, you are disconnected. You can be easily manipulated. They let you wallow in poverty and teach you to tolerate your situation.

Deprivation causes disconnection. Disconnection certainly creates and maintains poverty. Disconnection breaks up relationships and is the main culprit for suicide, malice, loss of dignity and hate. When a person is deprived, it is easier for him to be vindictive and to hate.

All the  teachings and commandments of any philosophy, creed or religion when it comes to dealing with what “not to do”, revolves around deprivation.

Take the two top products of deprivation: cheating and insulting:

  • Cheating:  One of the hardest thing to do. Almost instinctively we try to cheat when trying to have, attain or crave something that we don’t have. When we cheat, we do not only lie to others, we lie to ourselves. Cheating is a form of deprivation.
  • Insulting: It deprives the dignity of a human being. We learn to tease (insult) as children. When teased, children get very angry and they emotionally get hurt. As we grow to be adults we become experts at insulting each other. Battles, wars, and killings are started by simple insults. A person who insults another does not respect the other person. If you respect an individual or anything you will not insult. GIVE RESPECT. DO NOT EXPECT RESPECT. Do not make a mockery of the shortcomings of others.

Note: To kill in self-defense, for security, or for sustenance, and if not done in malice, actually embraces love and sharing.

Last Updated on March 17, 2024

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