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In the golden years, with daydreams still aflame,
Though my frame may tremble, my spirit’s never tame.
Bones may ache, and steps may falter,
Yet in my heart, determination does not alter.

A wealth of ideas, but pennies to my name,
No hire, no calling, no part in the game.
Still, in the echoes of my dreams, I find
Unyielding aspirations, a resolute mind.

My stride may slow, running turned to crawl,
But vision and hope, they outlast them all.
With every breath, in my soul, I know
Through the pains and trials, my courage will grow.

No surrender, no backing down,
Despite the challenges that surround.
I will chase the dreams that in my heart reside,
For life’s true victory comes with the tide.

Who knows but that this life of mine,
Could touch the world, through the sands of time?
A spark, a change, a better day,
Born from a dream that refused to fray.

So let the journey be hard, let it be long,
In the pursuit, we find the song.
For ’tis in dreams and the will to chase,
We etch our mark on the vast time-space.

Last Updated on August 1, 2023

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