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A consequence is the effect, result, or outcome from a decision, a speech (spoken words), an action, a deed, or a natural occurrence. The consequence may be positive or negative.


  1. You cause it.
  2. Others cause it.
  3. Natural randomness causes it.

The consequences on all of the above three may be positive or negative. We all suffer from negative consequences. However, we are only personally accountable for what we cause or participated in.

Humanity has its set of perceptions about consequences. Malicious acts are always frowned upon by society and usually demands reparation. Positive acts such as kindness and charity are usually honored and praised.

We are all familiar with consequences while we are still alive. We live with it everyday. But do consequences carry forward to the spirit world? In the spirit world, accountability is the key, there are merits and demerits. There is no “judgment day. There is no day of “reckoning”. There is no time of “revelation”. Merits and demerits are automatic and instantaneous.

Last Updated on October 18, 2021

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