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Conclave of Humanity’s 12 Basic Needs

Conclave of Humanity’s 12 Basic Needs

In a hallowed hall, where voices did chime,
The twelve basic needs stood, transcending time.
Together they gathered, their mission so clear,
With hopes and with dreams they all held dear.

Sustenance spoke with a soft, tender trace,
“In me, every heartbeat finds its pace.
Each breath drawn, each life that does swell,
With sustenance’s touch, we truly live and excel.”

Shelter rose, with walls strong and wide,
“Protection for all, in me they confide.
From rain and from storm, a sanctuary I give,
In safe corners and homes, humans live.”

Security, stern, with a vigilant eye,
“From dangers and threats, I’ll shield the sky.
In unity, we stand, our defenses so true,
With me by your side, threats will be few.”

Energy glowed with radiant light,
“Warmth and comfort, day and night.
With sun and with wind, our visions align,
To fuel dreams and hopes, forever we shine.”

Healthcare stepped forth, gentle and kind,
“To heal and to care, for all of mankind.
From birth until age, my commitment won’t wane,
With love and with care, I ease all pain.”

Unity sang a harmonious song,
“Connection and love, to me they belong.
In bonds and in ties, strength we derive,
Together as one, we flourish and thrive.”

Propagation smiled, with life’s embrace,
“Continuity is key, for the human race.
With love and with joy, new lives we greet,
For the dance of creation, life’s rhythm so sweet.”

Leadership, proud, with vision so vast,
“Guidance and direction, from lessons of the past.
Communities unite, with hope in their gaze,
I lead and inspire, through challenges and maze.”

Education with wisdom, began to narrate,
“Knowledge and learning, a destiny so great.
With books and with lessons, our future we mold,
With each shared story, new dreams unfold.”

Communication, clear, bridged every gap,
“Connection and understanding, in my lap.
With words and with gestures, unity we seek,
Understanding and trust, is the language we speak.”

Exploration, restless, with a curious heart,
“Unknown horizons, where dreams start.
Through questions and quests, our journey’s never done,
For with every answer, a new one’s begun.”

Happiness danced, with joy in the air,
“Pleasure and laughter, free from despair.
With moments so bright, life feels so right,
Chasing our dreams, with pure delight.”

Together they vowed, their commitment so true,
“To serve and to cherish, for me and for you.
Twelve pillars of life, their promise to keep,
For humanity’s needs, run vast and deep.”

Last Updated on September 23, 2023

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