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We need to belong. We need interaction. We need cooperation. In order for us to interact, we need to communicate. In order for us to cooperate, we need to communicate. To achieve prosperity, we need to communicate. Whenever we are in need, we pray and we reach out to God and our long lost loved ones, we communicate. In order for humans to achieve any of the above, we must communicate.

Communication allows us to educate. Communication gives us the opportunity to understand each other. What is the common denominator of every single poverty stricken family, village, town, municipality, city, county, province, region, state, or Country? It is the lack of access to an uncensored communication and a virtuous well rounded universal education. A well informed citizen via an unbridled communication system helps create a prosperous nation.

Communication bonds us with our alliances, with our friends and most of all our loved ones.  Do not take communication for granted. In order for us to learn from history, it must communicate with us through the writings, antiquities, remains and buildings of the past. Our perception changes when there is communication.

In order for us to foster better relationships, we need to communicate. Many times our thoughts words and deeds hurt others and in order to make amends, we need to communicate. Apology and forgiveness can’t be achieved without communication. We can’t exercise CORU (Care, Openness, Respect and Understanding) unless we are able to communicate.



Last Updated on April 18, 2020

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