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Collapse of a society and country

Societal collapse is bound to happen if the following start to happen:

  1. If security is no longer the main concern of the government, it will result in increased crime rates, social unrest, and a loss of trust in the government’s ability to maintain law and order.
  2. If open borders are introduced without proper controls, it will result in uncontrolled immigration, strain on public services, and security risks.
  3. If schools insist on teaching tolerance instead of care, respect, dialogue, kindness, and gratitude, it will result in a lack of emphasis on other important values and skills.
  4. If gender is considered a choice rather than a natural occurrence, with no restrictions, it will have implications for areas such as healthcare, sports, and legal frameworks.
  5. If religious laws become part of the laws of the state, it will impact personal freedoms, human rights, and the separation of religion and state.
  6. If individual rights consistently override the rights of others, it will result in societal imbalance, inequality, and conflicts.
  7. If foreigners are allowed to enter without proper vetting, it will result in security risks, strain on public resources, and will create social tensions.
  8. If foreigners receive the same benefits as legal residents and citizens without appropriate regulations, it will raise concerns about sustainability, fairness, and strain on resources.
  9. If governments raise the debt ceiling beyond their ability to earn, it will result in economic instability, currency devaluation, and reduced capacity to invest in essential services.
  10. If foreign aid is given without quid pro quo, it will not effectively contribute to sustainable development and will perpetuate dependency.
  11. If the government intervenes in areas where it doesn’t belong, it will hinder individual freedoms, economic growth, and innovation.
  12. If the government does not invest adequately in free education, it will limit opportunities and perpetuate socio-economic disparities.
  13. If there is insufficient investment in trade schools, it will hinder workforce development and economic growth.
  14. If a country has citizens with inadequate education, it will result in poverty and hinder overall development.
  15. If government provides free housing instead of affordable housing, it will have long-term economic implications and create dependency.
  16. If the government does not provide free healthcare, it will result in financial burdens on sick citizens and limited access to necessary medical treatments. Healthy citizens and residents perpetuate a prosperous nation.
  17. If foreigners are allowed to work without vetting or a visa, it will result in national security risks, impact employment opportunities, and affect the economy.
  18. If private investments in other countries are not protected by the country of origin, it will result in increased risks for investors and impact economic relations.

Last Updated on July 4, 2023

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