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We need to belong. We need interaction. We need cooperation. In order for us to interact, we need to communicate. In order for us to cooperate, we need to communicate. To achieve prosperity, we need to communicate. Whenever we are in need, we pray and we reach out to God and our long lost loved ones, we communicate. In order for humans to achieve any of the above, we must communicate.

Communication allows us to educate. What is the common denominator of every single poverty stricken family, village, town, municipality, city, county, province, region, state, or Country? It is the lack of access to an uncensored communication and a virtuous well rounded universal education. A well informed citizen via an unbridled communication system helps create a prosperous nation.

Communication bonds us with our alliances, with our friends and most of all our loved ones.  Do not take communication for granted. In order for us to learn from history, it must communicate with us through the writings, antiquities, remains and buildings of the past.

In order for us to foster better relationships, we need to communicate. Many times our thoughts words and deeds hurt others and in order to make amends, we need to communicate. Apology and forgiveness can’t be achieved without communication.



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Sustain Universal Stewardship Association

How will the association earn to support, protect and sustain itself and continue to be able to help others?

  • Income from the academy will help. The tuition from students will help support and sustain the school system.
    • Donations and grants from alumni will also help.
    • Children of employees of the association (or employees themselves) will have free scholarship. No tuition to be paid.
  • The association will gear itself towards agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture, all the while practicing sustainable farming. This will generate income and help provide organic food for the human race.
    • Lease or own lands for forestry and lumber. Lease or own water rights or natural resources when available.
  • The association will create sustainable energy for the public. Sold to the general public via government permits and licenses.
    • Solar and wind generators.
    • Geo-thermal.
    • Tidal wave and sea current power generators.
      • More attention will be given to geo-thermal and sea current source of energy. Source of energy for these two rarely fluctuate. Power storage(batteries) will not be required.
    • Alternative sustainable energies will always be developed. Research on storage of energy will be an on-going project of the association.
  • The association will own and build shelters for the public to rent at reasonable and affordable rates.
  • The association will have a “personnel staffing” company. This will allow the association to spread out to all areas of businesses to provide them with their staffing needs. Most of all this will help the association create the security personnel system (via security staffing) to protect itself from predators, by ways of laws and physical force.
  • The association will own or invest in (common stocks) of public corporations.
    • Invest in logistics and transportation companies using sustainable fuels instead of fossil fuel or fuels detrimental to the environment.
    • Invest in eco-friendly corporations (common stocks).
    • Portion of the profits from these investments will go to the FREE healthcare of all employees of the association via enrollment with health insurance companies within the locality of the employees. A minimum of 20 hours work per week will qualify an employee for this free health insurance, with a minimum 3 month employment. All co-pays will be paid by the association. Upon termination of employment all benefits will be cancelled. However, employees with 20 years or more of service are entitled to a lifetime of free health care coverage from this universal form of healthcare. Employees with 30 years of service will receive a pension plan (compensation comparable to government retirement pays) and the free health plan continues to be in effect.
  • The association will create a licensed Long-term Universal Health Care facility for the elderly members of the association. This will be free. Funding will come from the association and from donations of members.
  • The association will maintain a research and development team.
  • To always build Schools or Academies whenever capital is available, to enable the continued spreading of the principles and rules of universal stewardship.
  • The association will also invest in private tertiary education and “further” education school corporations. Investment in these schools will not simply be intended for income generation but more so for the creation of influence in the level of education. Education for the betterment of humanity and the prosperity of citizens by providing continued education for those whose skills were taken over by technology or disability.
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Mother Earth

  • Save the rivers, lakes, seas and all bodies of water.
  • Reforest the mountains, watersheds, and coastlines.
  • Save the reef
  • Save wild life (flora and fauna)
  • Create a Sustainable and renewable energy
  • Work with other organizations who are into the conservation of nature and resources.
  • Foster and help build the economy and technology of nations.
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Create a Non-special interest, Non-Partisan, Non-religious, Non-Racial group to monitor governments around the world

The watchdog. A group of people, who are the guardians or stewards. To keep governments and organizations in check. Be a part of this group. Leave your comment below.

We are the Guardians and Stewards of our domain. Every country needs an independent group to act as “watchers” or “guardians” of the Security and prosperity of the nation.

Do not leave it up to a charismatic leader, a political party, a religious organization, or a special interest group to fight for what is good for the country.

Instinctively a political leader will always put his personal interests or what he thinks is good above those of others. If he doesn’t his opponents will find ways and means to take him down. The same is true for religious, racial, partisan and special interest groups. They always serve themselves first.

The Non-special interest, Non-Partisan, Non-religious, Non-Racial group will:

  • Fight against government control over its citizens. The group will monitor and fight any corrupt or detrimental laws towards all citizens, it will lobby for the amendment or revocation of such laws.
  • Prevent private organizations (religious, racial, political, commercial or foundations) from manipulating the government into upholding their mission and vision instead of the rights of the citizens. It will lobby to prevent a group of people or organization to take over any municipality, city, province, region, territory in the country with their beliefs, politics, ideology or culture.
  • It will help create laws that will be beneficial to all citizens.
    • Usually, laws as it is introduced serves a specific purpose and more often than not also serves the purpose of the author and special interest groups that helped lobby for its approval.
  • It will work with policy makers and to help them formulate policies that are not prejudicial or biased.
  • A group (guardians or stewards) that is not out to take down any organization or individual(s) but to take down the suggestions they present or introduce that abuse and deprive others.

Political groups, religions, special interest groups, most corporations and foundations will always do what is best for their organization and sometimes at the expense of those who do not belong or associate with their organization.
A political group can become so strong, that it pursues its own mission and vision versus that of the people. They create minions to do their media bidding. Left unchecked they create political dynasties. This political group will be in cahoots with corporations, religions, foundations, and special interest groups. Bribery becomes a mode of operation, with only one goal in mind and that is to stay in power.

The group will never laud or support a political candidate, a political group, a religious belief, or any other organization. It will work with these organizations to make sure that the best for humanity will be adhered to. Any political group that presents a suggestion, a bill or proposes a certain law that proves to be beneficial to all, it will support it and help campaign for its passage or approval. If they propose anything that is detrimental, the group will fight against it.

Every generation always manifests great leaders. These leaders will serve the people and will face oppositions. The guardians or stewards will be there to support the good ideas and oppose the bad. When the term of these leaders is over, the group will still be there to make sure that the good of the people will always be served by those who are still serving.

Corruption never starts on a grand scale. It starts small and it grows and festers then it becomes a monstrosity.

Every Country should have this group.

The core committee in each country will have 7 members. The core committee will decide on which project to tackle as each one comes up.

When possible, each country will have its own set of guardians or stewards. Original core committee members of this Group will be appointed by the current board of directors of the Association and to be approved by the President. A qualified member must be at least 30 years old. Each prospect will be vetted extensively. Members must represent all the provinces or states of their country. Dismissal of any member will be by unanimous vote from the board members with final approval of the chief executive officer.

Qualification for membership in this group, will not be based on culture, creed, race, color, religious beliefs or political affiliations. Recruitment will be based mostly on PRUDENCE and on his/her ability to put aside personal advocacy for the betterment of humanity. What does putting aside personal advocacy or beliefs mean? It means that a member can be anyone he/she wants to be as long as it never jeopardizes the by-laws of the organization.

Future members of this committee will be recommended by current active committee members and to be vetted by the board members of the association and approved by the President.

Points to Consider:

  • In the United States of America:
    • There are 50 states in the USA. There are 435 members in the house of representatives and 100 senators. Making a total of 535 people who officially run the legislative body of the USA. The executive office has the president and the vice-president (actually the vice-president just helps the president). Therefore making it 537 people who run the country. Representing a total of 327,200,000 people. That is one elected official per 611,588 people in America. The 327.2 million residents of the USA and even the people of other countries are watching and criticizing the executive office. Making one person accountable. The president has to walk on eggshells. Everything he/she does is scrutinized. But who is the watchdog for the legislative body? Who is held accountable? This is the problem with the senate and congress. People are told that they will be held accountable by the people. Yes, but only every election year (every 2 years for congress and every 6 years for the senate). While the executive office is accountable everyday.
    • The legislative body creates the laws of the country. The executive office executes or implements them. When a detrimental bill is introduced by the majority of the body, it is passed.
      • The U.S.A. needs this group. The USA needs this watchdog.
  • In Australia:
    • What is the government doing about the grave situation of immigration? What helping hand is the government giving the farmers?
  • In Mexico:
  • In South Africa:
  • In Nigeria:
  • In The Philippines:
    • The Philippines is managed by special interest groups. Almost anything that needs to be accomplished that needs government approval will somehow go through a process with the special interest groups who are in power.

Be a part of this group. Start by simply commenting on this post. Let the government know that we the citizens are in control.

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Universal Stewardship Academy

To be free and prosperous is to be educated, skilled and informed of uncensored facts. Freedom is to have the ability to choose to be what one wants to be. A virtuous and well rounded universal educational system will break away the chains of poverty and oppression..

What is the common denominator of every single poverty stricken family, village, town, municipality, city, county, province, region, state, or Country? It is the lack of access to an uncensored communication and a virtuous well rounded universal education.

Who has the responsibility to educate?

  1. The beginning of education comes from the parents or guardians.
  2. From there it goes to the school systems, both private and public.
  3. As soon as the individual develops needs, he/she must also develop the need to be educated.
  4. Schools or the community will seldom volunteer to impart knowledge. Knowledge is there to be taken but it must be taken by the individual
  5. The government must continue with the education via information dissemination. A government that censors communication or withholds outside information in its educational system creates bondage. A well informed citizen via an unbridled communication system helps create a prosperous nation.
  • Mission: Guarantee the continuity of a great educational system by teaching the principles and guidelines of universal stewardship.

  • Vision: To have each student achieve prosperity with accountability through the 12 basic needs of humanity.

  1. Start a school system, an academy, that revolves its education around respect and kindness, develop good moral character, develop a bright and healthy mind, develop a healthy body, develop a sense of responsibility towards nature and humanity, and maintain academic and non-academic programs that follows the principles of universal stewardship while always keeping up with technological advancements.
      • From Kindergarten to 2nd grade the emphasis will be on manners, cleanliness, hygiene, on how to be nice, to learn personal family line history, the “golden rule”, discipline, follow rules, respect for authority, reading, writing and math. With plenty of playtime and socializing.
        • Reading emphasis will be about flora, fauna, and environment. This will form their foundation.
        • Emphasis on ROTE learning will be directed towards the principles and guidelines of universal stewardship.
  2. Focus of the academy will be to build self-respect in each student so they may face the challenges ahead of them with confidence and dignity. The academy will create “learners” instead of “finishers”. The academy will not be a “diploma mill”. Academically, the school will follow all the requirements of all international school systems. Credits are all transferable.
  3. There will be no religious connotations or associations within the academy’s campus. No religious uniforms or laws or traditions are to be followed within the campus. No political or “special interest groups” advocacies will be allowed. Religions, creed, politics, special interest group policies will simply be regarded as a subject for discussion.
    • There will be freedom of religion, the freedom of speech and the freedom of choice but the parents or guardians of the students will be made to sign an agreement that students will not be allowed to coerce, convince, intimidate or insinuate others towards their religious beliefs, political affiliations or personal ideologies within the campus. Warnings will be issued to violators upon first violation, a meeting with the guardian or parent will ensue upon the second violation, a third violation will result in the expulsion of the student from the academy and the transfer to a different school will be arranged at the choice and expense of the parent or guardian.
  4. Bullies will not be tolerated. There are consequences for bullying. First and foremost a student counselor will address the incident and speak to witnesses if there are any. The counselor will determine whose fault it is and if fault can’t be determined at least get the facts as to how it came about. First violation will receive a written warning given to the student to be given to the parent or guardian and for that same notice to be returned with the parent’s/guardian’s signature of receipt. Second violation will require the guardian/parent to meet with the academy’s counselor. Third violation will result in the expulsion of the student from the academy and the transfer to a different school will be arranged at the choice and expense of the parent or guardian.
    • Consequences for bullying besides the above:
      1. The incident will be on permanent school record.
      2. Guilty students will be made to do “clean-up” duty in school. Length of time will depend on the grievousness of the offense.
      3. Guilty students will be made to apologize to the victim verbally and in writing.
      4. A counselor will be assigned to the bully and victim. The bully may be a victim from “within”. The academy will always exercise prudence.
    • If the target of the bullying wasn’t the one that got hurt but the bully instead, it will be classified as “self-defense”. The counselor will still talk to the bullied student to find out why the occurrences were not reported when they first started.
    • If the offense warrants a police report, then the authorities will be called.
    • Bullying will not be enabled by the school system. Counselling will be provided. However, indifference or tolerance will not be extended to bullies.
    • At the entrance of every academy will be a large foundation rock with these words engraved: “BE NICE” and “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.”
    • At the entrance to every classroom will be this plaque: ” Love, Share, Do not Cheat, Do not Insult, Do not Deprive”.
    • In front of every classroom will be these words in big bold letters: “RESPECT, KINDNESS, GRATITUDE, APOLOGY, FORGIVENESS”
  5. All students before the start of the school day will recite the pledge of allegiance: “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the (name of country), and to its constitution, for which it stands as one nation, united under God.”
  6. The academy will be divided into 3 categories: Grade school – Kindergarten to 4th grade Middle school – 5th grade to 8th grade High School – 9th grade to 12th grade Every student will be groomed for success. Quarterly evaluations will be made to determine the successes of students and why some students are behind or failing. To determine where a student needs help and encouragement. To continue to teach students how to put emphasis on focus in their daily lives.
    • Gifted students in Math, Writing, Music, Arts, Sports, Business, Mechanics, Crafts or Trade will be provided with assistance to encourage the development of their talent. This does not affect the classroom designation of the student.
      • Music(sound/vibrations), Math and Art (visual or felt dynamic/static energy) are the languages of the universe. The character and personality of the students with these talents will be specially cared for to instill prudence and love in their hearts.
    • Emphasis will be given to Reading, Writing, Math, and Behavioral-communication. Besides academics, students will have compulsory course in Home Economics which will deal in DIY maintenance around the house, finance management, balancing a money(bank) account, understanding liability vs assets, Cooking, gardening, and a simple understanding of backyard animal care.
    • Students will have the opportunity to learn the skill of proper communication, public speaking, and the art of family bonding.
    • The academy will have counselors available to help students identify their strengths and talents, and to help students make proper choices without coercion or persuasion. Each grade level will have a special counselor. Another focus of the counselor will be to help develop the “want to” or the “desire to learn”, the “desire to succeed” and not to “give up” in each student. Through the help of teachers, counselors will monitor the “mood swings” of students. Prudence will be exercised to address the “mood swings”.
  7. School Activities:
    • Students will be able to participate in classes for Music, Math, Art, Crafts and sports. There will be intramural and students will also be encouraged to participate regionally, nationally and internationally in those 5 activities.
    • The school will provide a sub academy in sports. The Martial Arts Academy. Depending on the financial and population growth of the school system, the types of martial arts will increase. It will start with T‘ai-chi ch‘üan(Tai-Chi-Chuan), then move on to taekwondo, Judo, wrestling, jujitsu, karate and WuShu (kung-fu).
      • Self-defense will be emphasized in both physical and mental. Every participant will be taught how to verbally and mentally defend themselves. The martial arts academy will put emphasis on the development of physical, mental and spiritual discipline. The art of fighting, inherently teaches discipline and respect. It teaches students to overcome and counter self-righteousness and ignorance, which allows them to overcome fear.
      • The mental and spiritual training will be mentored by a specialized master since there is no “style” in this category.
    • Scouting will be available to all students. Membership will not be mandatory. Scouting will be a mainstream activity of the school. The school will be affiliated with the National Scouting Organization of the country it is in and it will be designated as a scout troop.
  8. The school motto will be: “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds”. Try to do a good deed daily, if not for others at least for yourself. If you can’t do a good deed, then at least say something good about others. If there’s nobody around, then say something good to yourself. Ultimately, always think good things for yourself and others. Be kind.
  9. The academy will have 4 official advocacies. There are many environmental concerns that the academy will teach about getting involved with to help maintain and keep mother nature healthy. Universal stewardship will always be the focus of the school. The bottom four will be what the academy will concentrate on. The Universal Stewardship Association will always be there to help the academy.
    1. Saving the rivers, lakes, oceans and aquifer.
    2. Saving and planting trees and plants.
    3. Saving the reef, save the endangered species of flora and fauna.
    4. Saving Mother Earth
  10. Continuity:
    • The academy will not in try to fix or improve humanity. It will work hard to enable humanity to build on its goodness for posterity by providing an educational system that cycles into the next generation without corruption.
    • As humanity’s cognitive abilities become stronger and more powerful every generation, the academy will do its best to retain the goodness because pitifully very little of the old generation’s goodness is passed on to the next. Society somehow manages to destroy it and only to be rebuilt every generation. The way to retain the grown and established goodness and for it to be used as a foundation to be built upon is via a fortified educational system that grows with technology without its corruption, an educational system that is anchored in the basic goodness of God’s creation.
    • Currently technology continues to improve every generation and it is anchored in the basic language of mathematics and its structures are not taken down and rebuilt. It is always built upon to improve. On the other hand humanity is dismantled every generation and always struggles back to build itself. That is why this educational system is imperative and must be the KEEPER.

Humanity needs Respect, Kindness, Gratitude, Apology and Forgiveness.
This will help us love one another.
Help us spread this around.
Help with the Feeding and Literacy Program.
Help with the Project Smile Program.
Help with Saving the rivers and shorelines Program.
Help create the Non-Political, Non-Religious, Non-Special Interest Lobbying Group.

Help Create the Universal Stewardship Academy.


Give us your support. Be part of the community. Sign in below.

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